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Wednesday- Daily Thread

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Mrs. Skunk was back last night, rooting around the laundry this time- there was a basket of clothes waiting to be washed on top of the washer. Suffice to say, today they really need to be washed. I have to go get some more deskunker, then it's off to Home Depot to buy some screening, we will have to screen in the portion of the new addition that is open- in order to stop this nocturnal visitor. One of the cats must of startled her last night, because she let loose big time. We were both up till 3:00 a.m. gasping for air! LOL

This morning went out to feed the horses, only to find out that Goofy Gus, also known as Travman had fallen asleep with his head near a tree. Poor guy had sap all over his face, near his eye, he was a mess! Grabbed the Crisco shortening, and smeared it all over his head and face, whispering in his ear as I did, that this didn't mean he was going to end up on someone's dinner plate! Then I let it set for about 5 minutes and wiped the sap right off him.

Mike has gone to the coast to help a friend build some computers, so the house is blessedly quiet. Both the newsletters are done, and all work on the two websites are caught up, so this is MY day! I got an order yesterday from a lady who wants two key rings scrimmed of her brittany spaniels, so I will go ahead and start one of those today later on. Right now the sun is out YAY! And our property really needs some attention.

A Happy Day is being wished for all today!
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Poor Trav - bet that wasn't fun for him. sounds like you have a nce quiet day planned MA.

I am in space cadet mode today. My brain feels like it is doing sommersaults in my heads. I am so out of it and I have no idea why. all the lab work I went for yeterday took forever - the lab tech didn't show up for 45 minutes to take my blood. The nurse was pretty quick.

Merlin brought a straw into bed a gain last night. Since he is an indoor cat, he doesn't get to hunt live stuff, so when he "kills" a straw he has to bring it to me, usually at 3 am!

Sugarly had an "accident" again yesterday. She pooped on the landing. We are going to up her meds agian.

Hope everyone has a good day!
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Ady, I haven't been in a Daily Thread for so long I didn't know Sugarly was having health problems! Hope she'll be OK soon!

MA - I don't know how you can stand the skunk smell. YOu are truly a Goddess!!!

MA - enjoy your day!

I was supposed to go into the city today with Gary for biz... but it was raining so badly ... and we've only had ONE day without rain in just about two weeks now)... that the space where we're supposed to park the car (other side of the road) is a big mud hole. It was so bad we had to get the car towed out of it! So he suggested I just stay home... he was worried anyway about me falling in love with the kitty he's delivering tonight from NYC to the people who are going to foster her... so I didn't have to go today! YAY!

Shelly has started doing the funniest thing. He has always "buried his food" (just pawing the air and floor around the bowl). But a few days ago (we have NO idea why), he started "un-burying" it before eating it, then burying it again! It is too cute!!! I wonder why, after a year, he has all of a sudden decided he has to un-bury it to eat it?
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Laurie - Sugie has been having probs for almost 2 years - she is the reason I found this site. She exhibits anti-social behaviour and is on kitty cat anti-depressants. Sometimes she is really good and others not so good!
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Hump day. Didn't have anything too bad at work, today. Fewer calls, too.

My ex has been dragging out paying my last month's alimony - dribbling out one check, per day, for the past month and having the cyberslut make them out. (It was due on May 1) Got the last check, today and totalled them all up. In addition to being an Internet W****, she can't add - the total is $54.00 OVER! I'm keeping the overage - call it a "gift", interest, penalty for aggravation, whatever.
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Today, took some kitties to get their shots, school , homework, the usual
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