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There here!!

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CeCe has had for kittens thus far..3 black and 1 tan..I think there still more.
She is doing fine and all kittens seem well too. They are crawling over here like a jungle jim!!!

One question, should they being nursing right away or will they figure it out on there own??
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They should do it on their own.
The first milk is important.

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Oh Yay!! I just love new babies!!
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So exciting! I can't wait for my girls to pop!
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Any more? How about pics? How are they doing?
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Aww, congrats!Any more coming?
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Sorry it took so long to get back to you all..
So we have 6 kittens in total, 2 black,2 grey,2 tans(orange) So my son said they are 3 sets of twins!!! All seem to be doing great!! Momma was out of the box today and ate some food and had some water, kittens seem to be feeding just fine.
I feel so blessed that they all survived, I had to call the vet once becasue I was not to sure what to do but she walked me thru it.
I will post pics as soon as I get them on the computer!!!
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