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Unrolling the toilet paper.....

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I haven't been on in forever. Miss Luna, my Sphynx kitten, is doing great and growing like a weed. She is quite the stinker though and into everything!
What do you guys do to prevent your cats from unrolling the toilet paper?? Snowbell has never bothered it but Luna is obsessed with it!! She will unroll the entire roll so now I have to leave it sitting up where she can't get it. Surely someone has a solution to this, Is there something that you can put over the roll to stop this? I'm going to go broke buying TP if this keeps up
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Put in a cabinet or shut the bathroom door. I bet she's cute when she's playing with it, though!

Make sure you get pictures or a video of this.
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My cats do that and I have to hide it.
Sasha shreds every roll she can get near and so does Meeko.
My sphynx has never done that but she shredded my chair.
Keep the door to the bathroom closed.
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Maybe some of our knitting members can make the two of you some toilet roll cozies? Or better yet, you could go thrift store hunting for one of those doll cozies - bring them back in to style! (I don't think they ever were in style...)

Honestly I have no idea where this crazy idea came from....

Seriously, though, what about a covered basket or wooden box to set on the back of the toilet? Just let guest know where the toilet paper is.
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The problem is I've never actually SEEN her do it!! I just go in the bathroom and find the whole roll shredded on the floor little stinker!!! I would lock her out of the bathroom.....but her litterbox is in there so I can't!
I thought for sure all of you cat owners would have this all figured out and would give me the perfect answer, LOL!! In my mind I can see something that goes over the roll so it can still be were it goes and you just unsnap it/unvelcro it when you want to get to the TP......hmm maybe I should invent something? LOL!
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Current cats don't bother, in the past we had to put the tp under the sink.

There are covers available
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In the movie store I used to work at there were these strong magnets attached to the counter (to remove the locks from movies). They have a plastic part that would cover the back part when up and front part when down and would snap into place - but were easily enough to open. Probably difficult for anyone to sort of picture this. That sort of design would be perfect to keep cat paws off toilet paper.

ETA: ... there's R2D2 toilet roll covers!
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Try keeping it in the cabinet.
Sasha does it right in front or me and so does Meeko.
Meeko was a bad teacher to her half sister.
See if you can catch Luna in the act.

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