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Photos from my zoo

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First, Tara's tarantula has barricaded herself in her hide by blocking the front entrance with soil. She then dug a new entrance in the rear.

Avery the blue-tongued skink had her first veggie and fruits meal on Monday afternoon.

They don't call them blue-tongued for no reason!

A candid shot of my painted turtle, Pippen, who will be two this summer.

"I don't get it... how did this ball get stuck in here? It won't come out..."

"I'm tired now. Nap time."

Thanks for looking at my zoo!
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Awww how cute!!!!! I LOVE your Golden!!! And the other ones are cute too!!!!
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Very pretty! I used to have a fire belly and blue tail skink. They are realy cool lizards... and fortunately they regenrate! I accidentally caught my blue tail by the tail and he tried to make an escape and it popped off in my hand. Boy was that alarming... but it grew back. Amazing creatures!
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I love your doggy!

I held a tarantula for the first time the other day They're pretty cool!
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awww they are lovely
would love to have a lizard
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Awesome zoo!!! I love the blue tongue!!! So cute!

And your dog is ADORABLE!
post #7 of 9 the golden!

I've held tarantulas...they have such a soft hardly feel them!
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I love your zoo I used to have tarantulas, but I can no longer keep them with my cats
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Great pictures!
I love tarantulas!! And your dog is cute!
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