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Littermate memory

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Just curious...

Would cats who were brother/sister littermates have any sense of memory or recall for their siblings after being separated at 9 weeks?

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i'm not sure, but ashton and lilly were seperated for awhile because they need to be spayed. So we trapped them and they were seperated for over a month when they wanted for there appoints, Lilly was release first and ashton was release a few weeks later and theyw ere sooooooooo happy to see each other! They are brother and sister and around 7 months old.
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I would assume they would if their scent hadn't changed that much. I do know that animals usually won't recoginize each other after longer periods of time - like when my old dog met her mother again after a year, both growled.
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Maybe after just nine weeks, but if it's much longer, definitely not.
It would also depend on how old they were when separated, i.e. how long they had been together. I'm going by puppies here, but it's probably not any different for cats.
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