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more of flash nd sooty

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all they do is sleep

And I fianally caught her, im in the spare room shes in the kitchen, this is how she broke my blinds

going, going


Flashes boyfriend from afar, she sits and watches him )im guessing hes a him coz of the blue collar he has)

Mammy i wanna watch tv to

ok so im just going to sit here and block your view hehe

ok ill just lie down

i wanna play with the fishes

Im going to get up there


ok not quite

you are also not having any clean washing because it smells like outside

sooty doing what he does best


more coming
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hes just to gorgeous

cuddling or fighting take your pick


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Great pics! Flash and Sooty are awesome!
What is it about cats and laundry? lol
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Flash is a gorgeous girl. No wonder she has a suitor who woos her from afar. As for Sooty, I just love him. He looks so sweet and sleek wrapped up in a bundle of sassy.

I did the laundry today, and my Raven buried himself into my robe. I ran to get the camera, but he came out because he had to see what I was doing.
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Originally Posted by -_aj_- View Post
all they do is sleep

How adorable, both lookin' all sweepy eyed!
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Flash and Sooty are both so gorgeous, but in such different ways. Flash has such pretty coloring and marking and is very striking. Sooty is so sleek and shiny and handsome. Different ways, but still both beautiful babies! I love seeing pics of Flash and Sooty!
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Thank you, believe it or not they took next to no introductions they slept together the first day and been inseperable since. its funny when they call for each other they tear into the other room to find each other hehe
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