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Question of the Day May 3rd

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Morning All!!

Today's question is:

Are you a pack-rat?

I use to be, however since I moved into a smaller space a few years ago I have had to retrain myself. Now I can generally part with things quite easily.
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I could give lessons on pack-rat-ism -- if I could ever find my lesson notes! You don't want to see my family room or my garage -- and those are only the tip of the iceberg.
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Not anymore, I learned my lesson when I moved. Now I go through my closets a few times a year and donate whatver doesn't fit or I haven't worn in a while (you know the old excuse of "I'll wear it soon and I don't )
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I live with a pack rat and its hard to get around him to keep my house uncluttered.
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I plead the fifth.
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Yes, I'm a pack rat. Most of my 'stuff' is in the basement, so it isn't too obvious to most people. I would absolutely hate to move.....but maybe it would prompt me to unload some of my junk.
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If the definition of "pack-rat" is someone who can't throw things out, and lives with mounds of clutter, then I'll say "No" to the question, However, I find myself tending to buy stuff--nothing expensive, and most of it we use, but I would like to see the house be more Zen-like! I also have a tendancy to stuff things in boxes and bags to consolidate them/keep the cats out of the stuff, until I can sort it out, and deal with it. It's nothing major, but I know it's not the proper way of doing things, so it bugs me. Part of this is because we have 2 floors, though.

I can, and do, regularly weed out my house, and donate things to charity.

I have a thing about buying necessities on sale/in bulk (I just received a shipment of toilet paper, yes, toilet paper, from eBay of all places. It's something we'll always need, and even with the shipping, it was a decent price. All 96 rolls of it! May I add we only have 2 people living in the house?). I hate grcoery shopping, and also running out of stuff, so I tend to do this. I'm sure the neighbor (the JTR owner--see my dog post) who came over twice yesterday, and saw the huge, 4ft-tall box of t.p. in the foyer must thing I'm weird! However, it came late Friday, and it weighed 50lbs, and we plan to store it in the attic, so I had to wait for DH to be there. (We just did it, so I can feel normal now!) I also buy canned and dried food in bulk. Luckily, I have a smallish under-stairs pantry, which has now run out of shelf space.

Despite all of this, we seldom waste anything I buy in bulk, so maybe I'm not too bad after all????
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Am I a Packrat? In a word, YES!
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Yes I guess I am one, but my room isnt too much of a mess. For instance I have several large horse stuffed animals that now sit in the garage cause i have no room in my closet, at a yard sale a little kid saw them and asked how much, i was like ummm like not for sale!! Well I ended up selling her a small one that i didnt really like that i had won at the fair....
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I will admit to being a pack rat It's something I can't help, especially having the smallest bedroom in the house...I have already run out of space for things, but still insist on buying
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No, i'm not. I have few things that are important to me that i've had for years and years , but other than that I can let go of most stuff.
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I am not a pack rat, but Jim is. I make him have his little fun in storage units, which he has 4 of around town. I cant handle clutter and he wants to save every single thing he sees.
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Originally Posted by Pookie-poo View Post
Yes, I'm a pack rat. Most of my 'stuff' is in the basement, so it isn't too obvious to most people. I would absolutely hate to move.....but maybe it would prompt me to unload some of my junk.
It's great having a basement but it also tends to be a catch all for stuff we don't know what to do with. My upstairs is very uncluttered and neat but half the basement is like storage. I really need to get busy cleaning it all out since my rule of thumb is, if you haven't worn it/used it in 5 years, chances are that you'll never use it.
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I used to be, but definitely not so much anymore.
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