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Fresh Pineapple

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I'm so addicted to fresh pineapple!

I've always bought canned pineapple because I had no clue how to tell if a whole pineapple was ripe or not, and the idea of having to cut it up didn't really appeal to me.

At the beginning of March I went to a banquet and there was fresh pineapple on the fruit tray. OMG! Was it ever delicious!

Ever since then I've been buying fresh pineapple. I started with a 1/2 cut one because I could tell it was soft and ripe inside. I gobbled that up in one sitting one evening!

I've bought a few 1/2 ones again since then, but I've also tried some whole ones too. With the exception of one whole one, the others that I have picked have been ripe.

Yumm! I'm sitting here now eating one that I've just cut up.
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Aren't they just yummy!?
I got addicted to them from a friend/co worker. She was bringing them in to work and cutting them up for everyone to eat. OMG I never realized the difference between canned and fresh before that. I'll never go back to canned again!
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I love pineapple, it's one of my favorite fruits.
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I always buy 2-3 large packs of fresh ready to eat fruits, and pineapples always in them
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Pineapple I always get fresh, but only buy the ones that are already cut and cored
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Isnt it amazing how different the flavor is between fresh and canned! I looove fresh pineapple! I tell that they're ripe by their smell. If they smell yummy and sweet they're ready to be devoured!
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Originally Posted by captiva View Post
Pineapple I always get fresh, but only buy the ones that are already cut and cored
I just cut off the top and bottom and the rind. I eat the core along with the rest of the pineapple: if it's really ripe that is. If the pineapple isn't ripe enough the core is pretty hard. But if the pineapple is really ripe, the core is soft and sweet like the rest of the flesh. Which was the case last night....yumm!!!
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Geeee Thanks guys now I want pineapple
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It's rare when I don't have a fresh pineapple in my fridge. They were on sale this week for $2.99 per pineapple so I bought a couple of them.

I just read the other day the best way to pick out a fresh (uncut) pineapple and it seems to be working. Pick one with a smaller top of greens that is more rounded than the others. You can squeeze them to feel how ripe the fruit is, but that doesn't always work. Take a deep whiff at the bottom of the pineapple (where the stem used to attach to it). You can get a sense of how sweet it will be by the scent it gives off.

And if you get it home, cut it open and its still a bit overly firm, cut it up anyway, put it in tupperware, and leave it for a couple days before you eat it. It will soften up and the fragrance will come out a little more.

And speaking of which, I think I'll go and nibble on some for breakfast.
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Linda all you have to do to tell if it's ripe or not is pull one of the leaves out of the top- if it comes out easily and clean it's good to go I buy a fresh pineapple just about everytime I go to the grocery store- I LOVE them!!!!!

I found this link about how to tell if they're ripe- maybe it'll help! (Although, it claims the leaf thing doesn't work, but it's never done me wrong and i've bought them for years, so imo it works alright.)
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The grocery stores in town never seem to get good pineapple. It will be ripe but the quality always seems very poor. Many years ago when I lived in Michigan there was a fruit stand that always had amazing pineapples, though.

I have the same problem with peaches around here, too.
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I fresh pineapple!!
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I love fresh pineapple too but I don't like storing it in my fridge for any length of time because then everything seems to taste like pineapple..
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Pineapple is one of my favorite fruits as well!! I just love it! I don't like it in a can because I feel like it's too sweet. But for some reason it upsets my stomach sometimes
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When Rob & I buy pineapple, we always get a fresh whole one. So good. He's much better at cutting it than I am though It seems like you get a lot more pineapple for your $$ compared to buying canned or pre-cut at the produce section.
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