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Mmmm cooked chicken

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Not sure if this should be in the raw forum or here, because its not raw.

Kizzy likes cooked chicken. I'm wondering if there would be any harm in me give him a drumstick?

Its cooked bones that can cause choking right?

I just want to see if he will actually tear it off. I plan on supervising him of course.

I have tried raw chicken, he sniffs and walks away. Cooked chicken he loves, and I've gradually been giving him larger chunks that he has to chew....

like this: (only slightly longer pieces)

I don't mind if I have to rip it off the bone for him.....

I also wondered if I gave him a drumstick bone (the big ones), if it would be ok for him to chew on? I highly doubt he could break anything off, but...I could be wrong too... again, I would supervise.

But I just thought I'd ask before trying either of my ideas.

(oh and I'm thrilled that he will eat the chicken meat )
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I would not give him the cooked chicken bones. They can splinter and break off. Even if you supervise, he still could break off a small piece and choke on it.

Ours will kill you for chicken bites (raw or cooked). After researching I just may one day go to a raw diet for the cats. They are nutz over raw hamburger and raw chicken bites now when we are fixing it up for the freezer for us.
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I agree with GK, wouldn't give him the bone even if you are there.

Mine are raw fed and won't eat cooked meat, I got them a bbq chicken for a treat once and they refuse it
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He'll continue to get pieces of chicken when I cook it up
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