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Snowball my bunny

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Snowball wasnt a cat, she was my dwarf bunny she was a beautiful baby. She was the mother of 4 and the mate to Thumper. she was fine yesterday morning and last night she was shaking. the vet was closed and hubby and i were going to take her in the morning if she was the same. when i woke up she was gone and Thumper was lying beside her. i miss her, i love her. run free over the bridge Snowy, know i will always love you, you were a great bunny. i hope her mate thumper will be ok, he looks so sad and lost.
RIP Snowball, i love you, look for Meatball
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I'm so sorry you lost Snowball. She was very lucky to have had Thumper and a family who loved her.

Do you have any of Snowball's babies? I feel bad for Thumper - I'm sure he's missing Snowball terribly - bunnies are such sensitive creatures. Poor boy.

It might be a good idea to call your vet and tell them what happened. You want to make sure that Snowball didn't have an illness that could possibly have been passed to Thumper.

My deep sympathy to you on the loss of your beautiful baby.
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I'm so sorry for your loss and Thumpers loss, how sad for you. Rest in Peace Snowball.
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My aunt, who lives in a rural area, was given a "gift" of two bunnies for Easter about 3 years ago. They now have about 17 bunnies, all spayed and neutered, and named. They were even litter trained when they lived inside! They now live outside in a great HUGE fenced area, with all kinds of hidey places. They eat all kinds of wonderful veggies - they eat better than I do! And don't let anyone tell you bunnies aren't great pets - my aunt wouldn't part with these bunnies for the world.

I'm sorry you lost Snowball.
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thank you all for the kind words. Thumper is doing better, i gave him a stuffed toy rabbit and he washes it and brings timmy hay to its mouth like he thinks its alive. I wish I could get another bunny but Thumper is 5years old and even though he's neutered I'm not sure how a new bunny would get along. thanks again everyone.
I miss you Snowy!
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BBDOLL22, you may already know about the House Rabbit Society, but just in case you don't, please take a look at their website

They have tons of information there on health, care, nutrition, etc. There is also a section for those who have lost bunnies and are grieving.

My heart ached when I read about Thumper washing and trying to feed the stuffed bunny. Since he is obviously missing Snowy very much and needs a friend, and you've said you wished you could get him another bunny, why not contact the Society? They have chapters all over the US. In fact, there's one for upstate NY, and one for NYC. They have rescued bunnies available for adoption. Knowing so much about rabbits as they do, they can help match Thumper with a new friend.

Just something to think about. Snowy was unique and can never be replaced, but you can give a bunny a wonderful home and in the process help heal your heart and Thumper's.
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RIP Snowy

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I am so sorry for your loss.

Rest in peace sweet Snowball.
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I'm so sorry


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I am so sorry. I'm sure you and Thumper really miss her.

Rest in peace, Snowball.
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