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Name Poll

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I have three options for a male name.
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You said you had three options but only two poll options? For what it's worth... I like Fudge Ripple.
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As I said in my other post Fudge Ripple is my favorite.
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oops when i did the poll i could only remember two.
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Well, I voted for Fudge Ripple. A yummy looking cat needs a yummy name. You could call him Ripley for short.
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I like fudge ripple too. Great name for a Bengal
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fudge ripple = unique and cute
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I like Fudge Ripple too. We have a "Hot Fudge"
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Here is a picture of the most famous "fudge ripple" marble bengal.

Just look at that profile, muzzle alignment and small rounded ears. Awesome.

IW RW SGC Suwannee Fudge Ripple

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he is gorgeous.
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