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shelbys cat igloo!

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quite a while ago my lil puss-tat was kindly bought a cat igloo by my dad, which for the last few months has just been under a small table, dumped there after she just didnt want to go near the damn thing.

anyway i was just about to give up on it and give it to my friend for one of his many adopted cats, and i thought, i'll give it one last go, and put it on the bed overnight, just next to where shelby sleeps, in the night i was aware i couldnt feel her weight on the bed in the usual spot, so i sat up to look. in the dark i could just see these two gorgeous green eyes peering back at me, she was in it!

now its her favorite place, so i have moved it up the bed now, and its right next to my pillow, which im very happy about. now when i wake up in the night i can see right away where she his and give a little stroke while she is asleep, its lovely!

i do love my cat you know! can you tell?
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She's a lovely one.

I had the same problem with my cat igloo. None of the cats were going near it. So I tossed it into a little used room. One day I could not find our eldest cat, Much, anywhere. So out of desperation, I started looking into any possible hiding spot. Finally I checked this igloo and there she was. It turns out that I had put it near the heat register and she found it to be a nice, quiet, toasty spot.

As they say in real estate, all that matters is location, location, location.
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I know I've told you this before, but she's gorgeous. Isn't she the one who walks about on your shoulders thru the streets of London? I have a mental image of this..
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The same thing happened here. I got Jamie an igloo a couple of years ago, and he ignored it until I put it up on the bed in the spare room. I thought it would be nice and cosy in the winter, but he only uses it in the summer. Go figure!
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