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Ok since we have members all over the globe...

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I'm hoping somewhere in the collective I can get some information.
My stepdad gave me a beautiful porcelain cat, it's antique we think 50s or 60s.
The porcelain is crazed with age, but it's in good shape otherwise.

The only identifiers on it are it's eyes, they are stickers, but the stickers are hand painted and they were fired under the glaze, and it was made in Brazil.
The sculpture itself is heavy, made from a one piece mold as far as I can tell, and is hollow.

Here's a pic

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Sorry I don't have any info for you, but it sure is a beautiful figurine.
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^ I agree! How pretty! That would look awesome on my bookshelf!
Hope you can find some info.
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Maybe if Antiques Roadshow stops by, you could take it in.
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My stepdad is an antique dealer and has never seen one like it, nor is it in any of his volumes of books on antiques and collectibles.
He buys these books yearly so that he doesn't over or undercharge people.
I don't plan on selling it, I think it's too cute, just wanted to get a closer estimate on age.
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Sorry I can't help you with the information, but the figurine itself looks beautiful.
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It is beautiful. I would say 50s - I used to sell things not unlike that in a china shop when I worked as a 15 year old Saturday girl! It is not truly an antique - should be 100 years old for that, but a stunning piece.
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I did a through search on the Brasilian Google, and couldn't find anything similar... Is there any number stamped, or factory, any information at all besides made in Brasil?
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Nothing at all
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I just did a google on ceramics made in Brazil, and got quite a few hits for ebay. No cats, but some pretty little animal figurines.
Your stepdad has good taste; your cat is lovely.
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Thank you

It actually wasn't the fact that it was a cat that prompted him to give it to me, but rather, he knows I love decco and nouveau pieces

You should see some of the wild porcelain decco ashtrays I've found and bought (no, they do not and have never been used).
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No help-but its beautiful!
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My parents have a black one similar to that, no eyes though... they had a pink one but some kid (most likely me) smashed it playing ball in the house.

No information though for you on it. My parents got it from my grandmother.
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