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Cat jumping through window

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We recently remodeled our kitchen, and put a window in over the sink. The window looks into the cat room which is a small living room. Well, Gel keeps jumping through the window into the main house. The only thing that worked is running twine back and forth in the window. That discouraged her, but looked awful in my new kitchen. So my husband put a "drop shelf" on their side of the window. It was designed to drop down when any weight was put on it. It went from side to side and out about 3 feet. Gel clean jumped it. I don't know how she does it. She is no spring chicken. Luckily, we put in shutters that can be closed. I want to keep them open and be able to talk to the cats and see out their window which overlooks the back yard. That was the whole idea of a window. Does anyone have any suggestions? This is kind of an off beat question, probably not too many have had this problem. I know there are electric strips you can buy through Foster and Smith, but I honestly don't think this would stop her. I dearly love my 7 cats, but I have an orphan kitty, Beeba, who lives in the main area of our home. And they really do like their own area. It is very comforatable with windows overlooking the woods and nice perches and even a real cat tree that my husband made out of a maple tree that fell in an ice storm. If I can't get any answers here, my next stop will be NASA!lol Thanks so much for any thoughts. This is a tough one.
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How about some latticework? You could cut a wooden, plastic or metal trellis to fit into the window. Some people here use it to secure outside windows, with or without screens. One of our site veterans, Mary Anne/hissy, came up with the idea.
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Decorative iron work or similar would look nice.
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but I forgot to mention that I want to keep it open. I don't want much do I? lol I told you this would be hard! I have an alarm, but that only notifys me when security has already been breeched. (I have to stop watching all those spy thrillers!) I was thinking of a string platform on the floor in the cats room. She wouldn't be able to get a foot hold if we made it large enough and out from the wall far enough beanath the window. Or maybe, I just thought of this, chicken wire. Take 4 2x4's and make a square and maybe put short legs on it. Then tack chicken wire to it. She would see she couldn't get a good jump off chicken wire. What do you think?
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I have read about a "pet safe" screen. I think you can screw the screen into the window frame. That may keep that open feel and keep out any jumpers.

There are so many creative people here. Someone may come up with the right solution. Keep looking!
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I have claw proof screening in all my windows and that may be what I will have to resort to in this case. I just love the openness that that window has given me and I hate to put anything on it. Like you said, there must be an answer from somewhere. Thanks
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I know I've said it a million times, but I'll say it gates! They've given me so much peace of mind knowing their (the kitties') safety is ensured with screen windows!
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Do you just want a clear view or do you actually want the window open? If all you want is a clear window you could put a piece of plexi in it. You can see out, they can see in but no jumping. If you want it "open" there a lots of screens out there that are almost invisable that might work.

My concern with altering her "launch" is that she may hurt herself the first time she tried it.
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