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Maine Coon Kitten

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I'm adopting a Maine Coon (8week) kitten today. I'm worried about it though because i'm moving to a new apartment on tuesday. I don't have much to move, but will it be to stressful for the kitten to be in my current place until tuesday and have a new home on wednesday?
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It is going to be stressful, no matter what. First of all 8 weeks is still a bit too young to be away from mom. Is there a way the breeders/mommy's owner can keep the kitten until you move? That way, he only has to adjust to one new home.

If not, try to keep him in one quiet place, especially while moving. The bathroom is probably good as long as no one is moving in and out. Once all your stuff is moved, bring him into the new place and again, put him in a quiet place for a bit. He's going to be shy one way or the other, so he'll need seclusion until he decides its safe to come out and explore.
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If you are getting a purebred Maine Coon, 8 weeks is far too young to be getting the kitten. They are not totally weaned and ready for a new home at that age.

Most all ethical breeders will never let kittens go before 12-16 weeks old. If you can hold off at least 2 more weeks (when the kitten is 10 weeks old) it will be better. Kittens are not psychologically ready to leave till 10-12 weeks old. If you have to take this kitten at 8 weeks old, then confine the kitten in one room for a few weeks and allow supervised time to explore when you are there.

At 8 weeks they will be more scared of everything then at 12 weeks old.
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Is the kitten from a breeder or somewhere else?
The kitten is to young and if its from a breeder they are not doing the right thing
My Coco was 6-8 weeks when I got her and it worked out fine but she was not from a breeder.
The other kittens I got tried to nurse off Coco.
The kitten will miss its mom and still want to nurse.
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