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My outside ones would never be happy inside. They are afraid of inside and do not enjoy it in here. When Mama had tp stay inside for 2 weeks after her prolapse she decided she had had enough and calmly let herself back out after a week. Since she had been on dry and hadn't prolapsed again and she came everyday to eat I was confident she'd be fine and she was. If any of the kittens(except Blue) come inside all I have to do is shut the door and they rocket out the second I reopen it.

I know Mama had an owner at one point since she knows what a litter box is, how to use and that if you are inside that is the only place you go. However she has been outside for long enough that she wants love and scratches but does not want to be in a house, it makes her miserable.

This one sounds young so you might find she would much rather be an inside kitty but only how she acts will tell you.