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Calling all Excited Trekkie's out There?

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Anyone else out there getting excited about the release of the New Star Trek Movie?

It's funny I am not big on prequels, once I get use to a certain person as a character I have a hard picturing anyone else as them. However after watching some of the trailers, and interviews done for the Movie I think they really made some great casting choices for the new crew.

Here's hoping that it's as good as everyone is claiming it is going to be
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Yep. long time Trekker getting excited here. I am interested in seeing how the characters are being portrayed. Not to mention a chance to see the original NCC-1701 with modern effects.

Beam me up, Scotty!
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Not a trekkie, but very excited for this movie, all the previews look great! I want to see it because of Zachary Quinto, he plays Sylar on Heroes and plays Spock in the movie... he's a hottie
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I love Star Trek but will not see the movie when it comes out.
My husband falls asleep in the theater and will not go to movies.
My sister is going opening night with her friend.
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This would be my husband. He's been eagerly awaiting it since production starts...actually since rumors of the movie starts.

All the reviews so far have been amazing. Rotten Tomatoes has the film at 100% (which is pretty well unheard of) based on the pre-release reviews. The reviews are saying that even if you aren't a Trekkie, see this movie. It's that good. So I will be seeing it opening weekend too - I have no choice.
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I'm looking forward to it!
Not many movies that I'd go to the theatres for, but this one with it's special effects would be best on the big screen.
Jan- I love the Spock emoticon! Or should that be "lack of emoticon"?
Katie - you got that right, he is a hottie!
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My hubby is Me not so much.
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I remember the original series in the late 60's in the prime time slot. That was 40 years ago. It took me awhile to get use to the next series, New Generation but I never got into the others like, Voyager, Deep Space Nine ect.
I saw a few of the Star Trek movies, with the original series cast, and they were pretty good. Wow, have they come a long way with special effects since the original television series.
I've seen the previews for the new movie and it looks amazing with some really great actors in it. I'm looking forward to seeing it
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My mom and I are really looking forward to this one.
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I want to see this, too. I also want to see Wolverine, Terminator:Salvation, and Transformers 2.
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I'm excited too! Wonder if they'll use stuff like mind melds or original famous quotes like "live long and prosper"
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I'm excited but will wait until the crowds die down a bit. Unless I go in the afternoon on one of my weekday off?? Better polish up my Star Trek pins.
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I'm looking forward to it. I've been watching the original Star Trek movies and I'm on number 5-. The original series was so much fun. I wouldn't call myself much of a trekkie, but I do enjoy the movies and series. I never really got into the newer series. I'm looking forward to seeing Simon Pegg as Scottie!
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DH is almost jumping up and down with excitement, and I guess I'm looking forward to seeing it, too. We're having a special showing on Thursday at 7 pm and I've already told him I will not go to it. It will be full of teens and I'm not missing Survivor for anybody. Besides, it will probably be here for at least a month, so I'm in no hurry.
I am, on the other hand, anxiously waiting to see Angels & Demons at the end of the month.
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I am very excited! I am wondering if they are going to show Kirk's famous "solution" to the Kobiashi Maru (sp)
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I plan to stay far far away lol!!!

I do however have several friends and a mom who are quite excited over this movie though!
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I'm on the fence about the new Star Trek movie.

To me Star Trek is Captain Kirk, and to have them remaking the original series kind of leaves me cold.

When TNG came out, I wasn't gung ho about it. I had watched a few episodes and hated it, then didn't tune in for months. It wasn't until about 5 months into the series when they had made changes to make the characters less stiff, that I started to enjoy it.

Other spin offs such as Deep Space Nine and Enterprise were total turn offs for me. DSN didn't even seem like Star Trek. It was more like the Cantina in Star Wars.

So I'll have to wait and see how this new movie plays out before I can really give an opinion. But so far as being excited about it? No, not really.
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Well, the last time Gary and I were in a movie theatre was... 1998. We'd both much rather watch something at home. So it'll have to wait until it's available on DVD. I have very mixed feelings about it. We're both big Star Trek fans - but only original series and movies with original cast. ...but people are so raving about it.... I'm sure we'll give it a go.

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I want to see the new star trek movie also. but I also want to see the new x men wolverine movie which is out now too.
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The dh and I are going to see it for our anniversary, lol! Yes, I'm excited!
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