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baby voice

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Hey again hope everyone and their furbabies are doing great today

I was just talking at Minty and doing the usual stupid baby voice that people seem to adopt around their pets. I was wondering if all of you do it? And anyone know why? xD since it makes us sound so silly
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I don't do a baby voice but I do speak in a gentler voice than if talking to a human.

I think it's a good way for the cat to know when you're talking to him, or when you're talking to a human. I dunno if there's any truth in that but it seems plausible.
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I do a baby voice, because I'm cool like that. My kitties don't seem to mind, so I talk to them like I would my own child. Which I don't have. d: Therefore, cats = baby subsititues.
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I can't describe my voice when I talk to Bella. I guess it's a baby voice, kinda, but almost something different. Actually, there was this cute baby in Sam's Club the other day, and I started talking to her like I talk to Bella, LOL. My boyfriend says he loves the way I talk to my cat. Instead of Bella I say, "Bewwa?" And I call her baby a lot. I'm not sure if there's a difference (I haven't had interaction with a baby in so long!) but I do know I have a voice that is strictly for my sweetie pie Bella.
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I talk to my Maggie not so much like baby talk but kind of sing-songy. I just talk away and pretend she understands what I'm saying and she looks at me pretending to understand
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I speak to Nacho the whole's good as cats do pay attention to the words and our body language.Nacho understands commands.
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haha I end up sounding something like 'hewwo babywaby mintywinty, hewwo keycat' and then go really high pitched 'miniminiminiwini'
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I don't babytalk, I do go a little bit sing songy at times though and I tend to call her lots of random nicknames.

I.e. imp, cat monster, spotty menace, crazy furrster, cat blob, poo bag (if she's just done a stinky one), wee beastie, Miss Fierce, Howler Monkey etc.
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i do kinda do the baby voice thing, but often i find myself talking to her and calling her baby, or babe, i think she is somewher between a baby, and a g/f substitute, i know she is allot less bother than either of the above!

i have been in the back yard with her and not realised there was a neighbour outside who clearly heard everything i said to her, and felt slightly emmbarassed but then thought to myself i always hear them talking to thier dogs and chickens so what the hell!

i also do that random nickname thing, it changes all the time....



bag puss

and so on.....
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yeah baby voice here to hehe

and what melts me all the time is my partner doing the baby voice to - espec with him being 6ft tall and about 13 stone bless his heart
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