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Question of the day May 2nd

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Morning All!!

Today's question is about local rallies and festivals.

Do you have any sport rallies or activities that are featured in you area on a yearly basis?

I am asking this question because my hometown is being over-run by ATVS this weekend. It is a rally that is help the first weekend of May every year. Being right in the middle of a very popular tourist area that has a lot of off-roading areas and trails it's also not our only one. Every summer we also have A sport-bike rally that is 3 day event, and a motocross rally called the gumball run that covers about 200kg of local back roads, hydro and logging trails.

We also have a dragon-boat festival, a ducky run, and logging days.
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Last week (Thurs -Sun) was the Laughlin River Run.
1000s of Motocylces (mostly Harleys) from all over the country attend this rally.
It's usually peaceful (especially since it is now illegal to wear gang colors during the rally) and everyone has a good time.

I love Harleys, and all motorcycles really, but living near a highway during rally week sucks.
Large groups of Harleys every few minutes passing by, from sun-up till about 1am.
At one point there was a group of over 100 bikes that passed, it was thunderous, it shook my trailer, it was after 9pm (I go to bed around 9) and it took well over a minute for them all to pass.

That said, I do love seeing all the bikes out and I especially love seeing the truly ancient bikers come out on their truly ancient machines.
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As a matter of fact, this is Dogwood Weekend in my town. The dogwood trees are in bloom, there were block parties last night, a parade this morning, a carnival set up in the downtown park, a Little Miss and Mister Dogwood crowning, all sorts of activities. This has been going on for years.
Next weekend is our annual Germanfest, where the main attractions are German beer, food, and music.
Later in the year we'll have Arts in the Park, Strassenfest, and several others. The city hosted the World Free Fall Conventin for years until it got to be waaaaaay too rowdy.
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Well we do have the Clovis Rodeo every end of April where a lot of who participate are pros i believe, and we had Lone Star as the singing group, i had already seen them elsewhere... There are soo many events that happen yearly i just cant think! Like we have the Big Fresno Fair, which has horse racing every year in October.
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We have the Flowertown Festival each year in April in the town I live in. A whole bunch of vendors from the southeast show up and sell crafts and photographs and whatnot. It usually is right after the azaleas bloom (also is called Azalea Festival by some).

They also have the Cooper River Bridge Run around that time in Charleston as well.
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