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Saturday!! What are Your Plans?

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Morning All!!

Sunny but only about 4 here this morning, am hoping the temps go up to something just a bit warmer this afternoon.

A few things planned for today, drugstore, grocery store, a library run, and a trip to the video store. I also have to look for a baby shower present for my niece's baby shower next weekend.

She's having a little girl so that helps makes some choices in the shopping department.

My shoulders which have been bothering me all week are not to bad this morning so that's a bonus. The doctor gave me some new meds to specifically take at night for them, I can see why thy sure knock you on your butt.

The kitties are good, all three are trying to fit in the kitchen window right now which is funny to watch because it's only a two cat at the most window.

Everyone have a great day
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Good Morning!

Well I'm in Hot Springs this weekend visiting my parents as a weekened early celebration of my birthday/ mother's day. Today I'll be helping Mom out in the kitchen making chicken spaghetti and Italian cream cake. YUM! Then helping dad give their two dogs baths and haircuts. Also, I've got to make some time for studying for finals!

So the three kitties are at home with their daddy. I talked to the BF last night and he says newcomer Danny is settling in nicely. He and Harvey are becoming much more tolerant of each other and Luke has come out of hiding. I miss my babies though!

Hope everybody has a great Saturday!
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I have to go to work in an hour. We have inventory today. It starts at 6, but the backroom inventory has to be done by the time the store is closed at 6. I got to be the lucky one who works with the manager and gets to do that. I wont be done until tonight around probably 10:30 or 11.
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Morning everyone!!
Well I am getting ready to go to the barn and take care of the boys. It actually rained here yesterday!! it was weird cause it was all sunny and warm adn then bam! Here comes the rain! It wasnt much though, not enough to get us out of our "drought"... Pooh Bear is laying on the table next to my laptop, she is soo cute!! Manny is in his condo and I have no idea where my June Bug is! Hopefully I will be able to get some much needed homework done today, only a week and a halfof school left until finals!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!
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Good afternoon! I did a kitty transport this morning, drove a leukemia kitty, Angel, on one leg of her trip to Kentucky Very sweet and gorgeous cat, I was half-tempted to bring her home I drove down to Columbus to do the exchange, I think I've driven down to C-bus at least 7 times to drop off or pick up a kitty

Rest of the day will be spent maxin' and relaxin' I will probably take a little nap and watch lots of TV
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We've been up since 5:30 making the food for our neighbor's daughter's graduation party, running errands, and cleaning the house. The Cheesy Corn bake and the Cheesy Potato bake are in the oven cooking, and we're going to check on the brisket on the smoker in a few. Also have some fresh fruit and lots of olives (there is a neighbor joke in that). We're serving 50-60 people today. Our gift to their daughter. I'm tired already and we haven't even made it over to their house yet.
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We watched Horse Racing all afternoon long. We did not have our usual KENTUCKY DERBY Party but it was a fun afternoon anyway.
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Well I was out the door at 7 am to work at my one big commercial job. I was there 7 hours, raking, pruning, fertilizing and yes sweeping parts of the parking lot and sidewalk.
I just popped a 800 mg ibuprofen as my lower back and neck are stiff and sore.

I didn't finish all I wanted to as there was umm lets say a person with no fixed permanent address hanging around most of the day. He asked for money a few times and well the few people that were working at this job site were leaving shortly. I would have been left alone in a industrial type area. The guy was creeping me out so I felt my safety was more important than raking some leaves and pruning around a large shed!

So stopped at grocery store, came home and prepped my creme brulee french toast for tomorrow morning and made ho-made sloppy joes (no added salt). Did dishes and watched the Derby.

Have to leave in about 40 minutes to pick up parents at the airport.

Got sunburn on my arms which should hide all those stratches.
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So far...

- slept in REALLY late
- went to the feed store to buy canned cat food
- volunteered at the humane society for a few hours
- went to the gas station
- went to the bank

I'm just sort of relaxing for now. I'm going to take a hot bath and a long shower and then maybe do some laundry later.

exciting times, lol.
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