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Holding conversations!

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Luxor regularly holds conversations with me - here he is chatting it up.

P. S. Hope you aren't bored with my videos. This new Flip Mino though is great and easy to use!
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I, for one, am certainly not bored with your videos. And, let me just tell you...I think I'm in love with Luxor . Really.

When I was growing up, my first cat (that was truly mine and not the family pet) was named Opal. She was part siamese (snowshoe) and was a definite talker. It seemed that any time I spoke, she would respond with a meow or trill. It was great fun and I remember I had many jealous friends as it was a novelty to have a cat that, in the very least, appeared to be trained. Opal was a talker up until the day we lost her (following a long illness). Neither of my cats now are huge talkers -- Delaney might be, but she's certainly not talking to me when she's making all that noise -- so I occasionally miss having a kitty to chat with, but that's okay. I'll just live vicariously through you and Luxor!

Oh, and I also have to say...what a beautiful cat Stoli is. He reminds me of my mother's cat, Bella. She's a russian blue -- is Stoli? Either way, you've got quite the pretty kitties and I look forward to seeing (and hearing) more of them!
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Hi Allison, Stoli is a Russian Blue. I'll always have a Russian Blue now that I've experienced them. More videos to come!
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Awwwww i have a couple of me and Rosie talking
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I can relate too. Wilbur chats it up with me all the time. Even when I stop answering
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So cute! I love chatty kitties!

Abby is the chatty one in my home. Chynna will chat only when she is trying to get my attention, and because she is mostly hard of hearing, her chatter is more like shouts!!

Keep the videos coming! I love them!
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My vote is - keep the video's coming!

I wish I spoke cat to know what is being said! But then, maybe I wouldn't want to know ALL the time
Love your kitties, they're so gorgeous!
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I totally agree, I wish I knew what he was saying but I might not like it all the time. It all started with him telling me off for sneezing. Now he just tells me off for any sound I make.
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Luxor totally cracks me up!
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does any one else have vids they can share of conversations?! I'd love to see them.
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How cute! George just went to the vet yesterday because he lost his voice. The silence was driving me nuts.
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