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Bloody stool

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I normally watch my cat, Simon, when he poops, because he has a bad habit of pooping on his I obviously watch him to make sure this doesn't happen (because I do not like having him jump in my lap and give me a not-so-nice present..)

While I was watching him just now, I noticed that when he finished up, a little drop of blood came with it, right at the end. The poop was light brown in color and very runny. It's the only time I've noticed him having blood in his poop.

I'm wondering if it's caused by a slight change in food. I normally feed him dry whiskies with a can of fancy feast a day, but last night gave him a different kind of fancy feast (if you're familiar, it's the blue cans instead of the regular cans?) and wonder if this caused some sort of..strain on him?

I'm obviously going to take him to the vet, but I can't drive and can't bring him until my mother gets home from work, so I'm freaking out a little and wondering what it could be and if there's anything I can do until she gets home.

Other things I've noticed: He's acting the same as he always does, running around like crazy to play. He's seven (maybe 8 months) old now. He sometimes has runny poo when we switch his food around (not a good thing to do but my mom's in charge of the shopping and doesn't understand when I tell her to keep him on the same food) but never blood, and it goes back to solid poo once he gets used to the food.

He seems healthy besides that. I couldn't get a good look before he covered it up so I don't know if it was dark or not, but I saw a red droplet clinging to his fur when I checked his butt to tell if I was crazy or not.

I'm really worried.

Edit- Ok vet offices aren't open on weekends here .____. so stupid. I called my mom and she thinks it was probably the food change but we're bringing him to the vet on monday regardless..I would still like to know your opinions though. I'm going to watch him more closely until monday, as well.
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It's not too unusual, but a checkup isn't a bad idea. We had one cat that did that his entire life; never could find a reason or a solution.
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Thank you C:

My mom called back after asking a friend at work who has a cat and she thinks it might be because of hairballs..her cat does it every once in awhile and thinks it might just be that.

We're taking him in on monday just to be sure. He should probably have a checkup anyway since he haven't brought him to a vet yet.
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^Hopefully it's something that can be easily dealt with. Parasites or something else that can be gotten rid of.

Originally Posted by mrblanche View Post
It's not too unusual, but a checkup isn't a bad idea. We had one cat that did that his entire life; never could find a reason or a solution.
Blood in the stool, you mean? If everything else has been ruled out that would suggest some sort of IBD.... which as long as bleeding isn't too bad generally doesn't kill anything. Though it can lead to some malabsorption and pain. As far as I know the only way to diagnosis that is to actually look at the digestive tract for sores/ulcers.... unfortunately. (currently worry about this issue for myself )
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I've been watching him closely all day, and he did two more poos (excuse horrible grammar) and neither of them had any blood, both were very runny, one had lumps in it though (which makes me further believe in the hairball theory).

So he seems to be ok, thankfully, but of course check up on Monday to be sure.
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I've had two kitties with bloody poops.

One had soft poops for months. At the time, I didn't know that it was caused by the food she was eating. As soon as I fed her something that solidified her poo, the blood went away.

The second kitty with bloody poops had giardia and had to take a couple of rounds of antibiotics to get rid of it. If your kitty has something like giardia, it might not show up on a fecal exam. (This kitty was living outside though, so who knows what she was getting into out there.)

I hope iSimons poo issues are just because of the food changes. Hope he gets well soon.
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Yeah Simon's been an indoor kitty his whole life, so hopefully he won't have anything bad.

At east he's been good about not stepping in it today.. He saw me coming over to watch him just now and adjusted his stance so he wouldn't poo on himself C:.

I haven't seen anymore blood still, been watching him like a hawk, so I'm positive it's either the food or hairballs, thank god C:
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