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It's a boy!!!

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We had a major ultra sound scan today. Everything is fine and in it's right place and it's definitely a little boy I'm going to scan some of the images later today and share them here. The little fellow even saluted us in the middle of the exam and closed and opened his little mouth - I wonder what he was trying to tell us
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Ph, thats wonderful! So I guess Sammie wasn't right about it being a cat

Congrats, Anne!! you must be very excited! What does Ron have to say about his ne brother?...
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awwwwwwwwww Congrats!!!!
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Congratulations!!!! During her ultrasound, a friend saw a shape of a musical note in the baby. Now, her daughter is learning music. Maybe your son will be a singer? Or a talk show host?
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Brilliant new Anne - was a little boy what you were hoping for?

Take good care of yourself and of the little one!!!
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Yay!!! Congratulations Anne! Can't wait to see pictures from the UltraSound!
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Awwww..How sweet!!! Boys are lots of fun!!! Got any names picked out?? Congrats to you all!!!!
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Hee hee! Looks like you were right then, and everyone else was wrong. Hey maybe he will be a diplomat- just like his mom! Congrats Anne, Isaac and Ron-ron- GREAT News!
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That is great new's!!!!!!
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Congratulations! Of course he was trying to say "I love you"!
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Having two boys, of my own, it works out pretty well. You don't need an extra bedroom and it saves money on clothes - hand-me-downs are great. Of course, the toilet seat is up, most of the time.

Congratulations and good luck.
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That is fantastic Anne!
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So glad everything is where it's supposed to be Anne! Congrats on another boy!!
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Congratulations Anne! I'm so glad everything is going OK.
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And here come the pictures

Proof that it's a boy:

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Congratulations!!! Two boys will be double the fun.
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OMG Porno on the cat site! LOL! thanks for posting them Anne - I love US pics
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That's so cool! Congratulations!
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Awwww! I'm going to take your word on it that it's a boy... I obviously can't read the UltraSound well enough.
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Hope Ron is getting potty-trained. I can't imagine having two in diapers. Richard and Mark are three years apart and that worked well for me. Richard was walking, talking, feeding himself and potty-trained, by the time that Mark came along.
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Congratulations Anne!
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