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There is nothing like Kitty Love!

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Yesterday was a bad day for me. I went to a follow-up doctor visit and they wouldn't let me out of the office! My blood pressure was so low that it scared even me 90/50 when it typically is 120/60 without wavering. Now, I knew why I was so tired lately and couldn't even drag myself off the couch. They put me through all types of tests, took a lot of blood and finally let me go home as long as I promised to take it easy. Like I could do anything else? I was whipped and just wanted to sleep.

I was laying on the couch when Kabota (one of my bottle babies) came bounding into the room. Normally, he launches himself on top of me with his claws spread (for traction I guess! LOL) But, this time, he stopped and just sat there contemplating me. At least I felt like I was being contemplated. Then, he raised himself up so that his face was level with mine, and he very delicately licked my nose, head bumped me, and instead of leaping on top of me, he settled down on the carpet next to the sofa and slept there all day, safeguarding me I guess. I fell asleep soon after, and Mike told me later, that Kabota chased off all the other cats when they came in wanting mom's lap. Somehow ever since he has arrived here, he and I have connected on a level unlike any other cat I have ever had. He is so good at reading me, and when I am in a sour mood, he can always make me laugh. This is the first time I have been seriously ill since he came, and he knew I was hurting and that having even his weight on me would hurt, and it would have. There is just nothing like this type of Kitty Love! For me, it was just what the doctor ordered!
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That is so sweet! It is amazing how cats can read what you are feeling. And there is nothing better than having your cat come up to you and kiss your nose. I love it. One of my cats Feather, does that alot. It melts my heart.

I really hope your are feeling better soon. Take care of your self. I will be thinking about you.
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What a wonderful story! Mind, I'm very sorry to learn you're ill; and I hope you'll be 100-percent well soon.

But all honor and praise to Kabota for being such a guardian angel! He deserves a medal.

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Oh Hissy, I too am sad to learn that you are not well. I hope it is something they can fix.

Your Kabota sounds like a dream. How sweet. I love it that they can sense when there is something wrong and they will protect you and love you just a little more.

I really need to find some time to come visit you. Unfortunately I won't have a car for a little while. But I think coming to visit you is the break I am in dire need for!

I hope you are feeling better soon. Give your babies all a big kiss for me.
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Who can read this about Hissy and Kabota and not be moved?

Cat love is very special. Each of my cat's loves me in his/her own way.
I would rather not live than have to live apart from them. . . .

Hissy, I do hope you are feeling chipper real soon. Are you enemic? I just hate to think of you not feeling "full of energy". Hope you are back in the swim of things soon.
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I'm sorry you're not feeling well. Cats have this wonderful sense. When I had my hysterectomy, Casey was right by my side all the time. Even when I was in the bathroom throwing my guts up (sorry for the graphics) he was sitting by the toilet with his paw on my cheek. I'm really going to miss that.

Hope you feel better soon!


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Oh Hissy...your story is SO moving!!!! Cats are SO special!!!!!!!!!!!!
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