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Night-time kitty-to-air missiles?

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Does this ever happen to you?

You'll be sleeping, and all of a sudden something jumps on your legs. As a knee-jerk reaction having been woken up, you just instinctively kind of jerk your legs, and wake up to find you've just launched a kitty up into the air?

It's happened a few times. Mainly it's Ollie who gets launched, and he seems to think it's a game, because he immediately comes running back to my legs when he lands. The little guy is just so full of energy it's crazy.
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Can't say that I have ever had the pleasure!!!
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My husband has trained every single cat in my household to not jump on us at night using this method. He doesn't purposely turn the cat into an air missile, he just has that knee jerk reaction of kicking when something sharp lands on his feet at night.

I on the other hand, just wake up with scratches on my legs and wonder who was so kind as to leave a wound on me while I slept. Yes, I'm a very sound sleeper.
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Umm, yes, I have launched Anna. That was right after I got her and she would 'attack' my feet at night. She hasn't done that in months, so I guess she decided that she doesn't like the drama.
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lol... That's never happened to Cammy! The poor girl's been sleep-kicked a few times though!
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Yup. It happens to Penny a lot. She tends to launch herself onto my bladder in the morning just as I am rousing but haven't quite come awake yet. She can sense the change in my sleep rythyms and wants to greet me.

So she leaps onto my bladder and I react instinctively, throwing my hands up to protect my gut, thereby sending her flying off the bed to one side or the other when the covers flip up along with my hands.

To tell you the truth, I think she truly enjoys the flying through the air part - after all, she launches herself out of the cat wheel regularly, too, by running too fast for it so that it flings her out at the top.
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My kittens used to launch themselves on my legs when I moved at night, but a couple times of being tossed off the bed due to my instinctive kicking were all it took to discourage them...

One thing they HAVEN'T grown out of is climbing the walls!! Well, not the walls but actually the WINDOW. They will dash around the house chasing each other (or just dash around as if they're being chased when they aren't) and then they will run up to the picture window, leap onto the windowsill and from there leap UP the window frame as if they are trying to climb up the vertical frame to the ceiling. They get pretty high up there too...
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Always. This always happens to poor Trout
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Originally Posted by kscatlady View Post
lol... That's never happened to Cammy! The poor girl's been sleep-kicked a few times though!
I don't recall having launched any of my cats into "outer space" either, but I too have definitely inadvertantly kicked one or two off the bed by mistake.
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