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Mohawk, Jarama, and Urraco

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Hey folks...

Brought Urraco (2 months) home today from the local shelter to join me and Jarama (8 months) for a new fun filled life.

Quick summary is that Urraco was a stray, found with 1 of his litter mates. I really really hated breaking up the duo, but I figured that most pairs arent getting adopted cause alot of folks just want 1 kitten and can't handle 2, so they go for the singles and pass up the pairs... So the upshot is that I brought him home and his sister is more likely to find a home now too. Don't know anything about his previous lifestyle, but he's young enough that I don't think it left much trauma on him... none that I can see.

Jarama on the other hand, was gotten from the same shelter here in Moreno Valley CA, and was found in a dog's mouth when he was brought in. Dogs are avoided like the plague, and the only other thing to make his ears drop and cause him to show fang with a hiss... is meeting Urraco today for the first few minutes. They're both adjusting fine now. Jarama was brought home when he was 2 months old, and he's now about 8 months and is very human compatible. I spend alot of time with him. Just about all the time I am home infact. He's also my co-pilot on cross country road trips and LOVES riding shotgun in <a href="" target="batikbeetle">my bug</a>.

Jarama was my 2nd kitten, after Jalpa, who left along with the ex... not by my choice but hey... I know she's being taken care of.

You can check out a pic of each of them on their website (which is being redesigned!)...



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Kudos to you for getting two shelter kitties. They are beautiful to say the least. Welcome to the site, I've never seen a group as dedicated to cats as the people on this forum. A wealth of information to say the least.
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Your cats are so adorable!! and this is the perfect place for you and them...

Welcome to the Cat Site!!!

I hope you enjoy it as much as the rest of us...
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Welcome to the site! Your kittens are just adorable!!!

I hope you enjoy your time here. Be careful, it's pretty addicting (but that's a good thing here!)
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Welcome to the board! I hope you enjoy your time here. Your babies are adorable! :
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Hey! I got Toes up in San Bernadino fairly near you. Thank you for rescuing your kitties from the shelter. The ones I've gotten have always appreciated that and made really good cats and I'm sure yours do too.
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Welcome! !
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So the update is that Urraco and Jarama have adjusted to each other well. I wake up each morning covered in kittens. They wrestle and play without screaming anymore, and take naps on/near each other daily. They're getting along GREAT !! I'm so happy... and they're somehow both very in tune with when I'm overly stressed about my company... and are there to hug me and keep me smiling. Jarama literally hugs me by standing in my lap while I sit, and putting one front paw on each shoulder and leaning on my chest for a moment, then he goes about his business :P

Here's my current fav pic of Urraco sleeping. He's in my closet while I was cleaning it out and rearranging things... sleeping in what *should* be where my clothing goes, but instead he's amongst my 1:18 model collection of Lamborghinis (Urraco and Jarama are both named after Lamborghinis).

He just happens to be sleeping on some boxers and socks, just as Jarama did last fall when I brought him home...

In all my posts with photos, you can typically click the photo to enlarge it and get links to more of similar and such...
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Oh my gosh they are sooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!

Jarama doesnt mind being in the car??
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Jarama loves the bug. He loves seeing the world go by out the windows. However, next weekend we have a large car show in Roswell New Mexico and I've decided to leave them both here. Urraco's still a little young and adjusting to really do well on a trip I think, and well it'll be alot of additional effort, and I'm already stressed over my new business being the largest vendor at a 500+ bug show

So my friend Amber will be coming over to play with them, re-litter their boxes, and top off the food and water every night or so... They'll be well taken care of.

October we go out to Virginia (all the way across!) to sponsor another similar show, in a similar way, and by then I think Urraco will be ready to head out with us. Also my parents live out there so they'll want to meet the new member of the family too. They're already sending Jarama presents in the mail every other week.

Soon I should have KittyPorn.TV updated (with their webcam working finally), and showing off more pics of both. Also I'll have a write up on both of their stories of how they came to live with me, and where their names came from... and well, just how cool they are :P
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Originally posted by ElecMoHwk
Jarama loves the bug. He loves seeing the world go by out the windows.
You'd think he was a dog!!
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Actually he thinks he's human. He sleeps in the bed with me some nights, under the covers, with his head on my pillow and his front leg sticking out over the cover, much like my arm does. Other times when I'm sitting on the couch, he'll come up and sit on his butt, lean his back against the back of the couch, and sit Al Bundy style next to me to watch TV.

He's a weirdo. He gets that from me no doubt.
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He sounds like such a character!!

They bring such joy to our lives dont they.
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Even more joy now that I have 2 of them to be near...

And one of Urraco from the first day he was home... adjusting while in his bathroom apartment...

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Hi and welcome!

From a fellow Californian!

Smiles and Cheers!
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Welcome to the site! Your cats are adorable. I especially like the steering wheel picture! It's priceless. I think you should enter it in a contest!

Tammie & Peaches
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Thought I would toss this link in here. It's another funny picture of Jarama when he was a touch smaller. We were doing product shots for our company catalog and he REFUSED to leave the boxes alone. Alot of folks look at it and think we were being mean to him, but anyone who sees me with my boys knows thats simply not possible. He just wouldn't stay out of the boxes !! He pressed his head up against flat clear plastic, which gives him the "hateful" look, which is really just him looking out I swear !! Since he's named after a Lamborghini and thats the box he wanted to stay in (he was named long before this happened), we thought it was just too special of a moment to file away...

AutoArt 1:1 Lamborghini Jarama

Urraco is now picking up the box habit as well...
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My kitty loves boxes too. And for some reason, the smaller the better for her! She even likes the kitty box I brought her home in and I didn't dare throw it away! I got it out once to let a friend at work use to take her cat to the vet. Peaches jumped in it and wouldn't come out! One night a couple friends were over and we were having an all night scrapping marathon. We had a small box on the floor to throw away small paper scraps. Peaches would knock the box over (on purpose), dump out the scraps and then jump in the box! I'd take her out and put the paper back in but she'd do the same thing over and over! I finally gave up and Peaches won.
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Urraco loves him some boxes.

Click to enlarge!
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What's up with the KittyPorn
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He does sound human. I can't imagine Mini doing that. That would ruin her dignity.
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you have such lovely cats... and their website is really nice too....

And the photography is really good too hey!!

What's up with the KittyPorn
ditto ditto ditto???
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your kitties are so adorable!! : Welcome to the site
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I am a walking reality check for most people. I don't shy away from topics, and test people's conservative shyness whenever I can. One aspect of that part of my personality, is that I love to use play's on words, that make you think twice when you hear them. I want to grab your attention, make you wonder what you heard, then get the joke.

Well, was taken already (shucks), and though I might have at one point in my rollercoaster of a life, I did not have the resources anymore to fulfill the current owners demands to buy it from them So... alternatives were sought.

I decided that I wanted to play with webcams on a project at some point as well, so... why not put the kittens on one?!


The current manifestation of the project plan, which unfortunately was not completed by the time Jarama came home to me,due to financial constraints and plans to move again soon anyway, ... Is to build a large "kitty condo" type of thing for them, and install permanent webcam(s) into it. This in combo with one mounted outside of it, would give people visiting the site a 24/7 look at my kittens at play, naptime, and so on... as long as they are within the range of the cams.

The site was bought before Jarama was in my life, back when I had my first kitten, Jalpa. Jalpa turned me from an anti-pet person, to a cat lover, instantly. Her and her sister Verruca were adopted by me and my now Ex gf. Jalpa no longer lives with me, due to the ex packing them both, along with most everything else in the apartment one day. I kept the site however, knowing that ... if nothing else, it was a funny one for my .com collection.

I got Jarama in Nov 02, and Urraco in June 03, and now they will be inheriting the site exclusively!

And yes, when my network isnt having "issues", they both have real email addresses...

Jarama@KittyPorn.TV and Urraco@KittyPorn.TV

They help out with other sites of mine as well mind you... They're a real "hands on" pair when it comes to my business as well !! Click the images below to find out more.

They're also going to be making guest appearences from time to time on which of course is my bug's website. I've almost got their trampoline/hammock completed for our next trip.
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Welcome to the site
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welcome to the site, hope you enjoy, you have some relly cute kitties, and that idea for the webcam in the condo is a good idea. good kuck with it.
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