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Happy Birthday my angel

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Alley would have been 12 today.

Happy Birthday my angel. I miss you so much. I hope your friends at the bridge are throwing you a party.

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Aww, Paula, I'm sure they are. Play happily, Alley!
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She's rolling in catnip and eating her favorite food, I'm sure of it!

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We will always miss our babies won't we Paula.

I am sure that Sadie is enjoying catnip cake with Alley and friends.

Happy Birthday darling Alley.
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Happy Birthday!
I don't think a day goes by that we don't think about our little angels. They're playing happily until we see them again
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Awww Paula

Happy Birthday Sweet Angel
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Thinking of you and your sweet girl on her birthday.
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Happy Birthday Sweetheart
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Happy Birthday Alley!! I'm sure they are having a huge party for her at the Bridge!
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I wasn´t be able in that day here for cheer to the lovely Alley my friend...
Happy birthday dear Alley, Meowmy got a deep hurt in her heart because you´re not here......BUT I know you´re patiencely waiting for her, some day!..
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