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I swear she's part puppy...

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So... I woke up this morning, sat up and looked to the floor near the foot of the bed, where Genever usually is at that time. There she was, with some black-ish something in front of her. I didn't have my contacts in yet obviously so it was a blur, I got up, went to see what she got/puked, and there they were- my earphones for my phone (which i also use as my mp3 player), chewed to bits. The little booger-face! I don't know where I had them or how she got them, but they were totally destroyed. And of course she seemed quite content with herself.. Not a huge deal, they're cheap, but still! So this morning i went shopping online for a replacement...

Just when i think i've cat-proofed the place, she goes and finds something else to chew apart.
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Maybe she was sending you a message? "Don't give me what I want, and this will be you!"
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I suppose... I like to think she's not giving me any kind of sinister warnings though!! Just the puppy chewing phase? Even though I'm pretty sure she was a cat when i adopted her... In any case, she's lucky she's so freakin adorable when she's not chewing, or I might just follow through with my threat to take her to the Chinese restaurant! (that's a joke- don't want to offend anyone here!)

I'm starting to think if they came up with a wire- or electronic-flavored cat food, she'd scarf it down like mad!
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Wires tend to resemble string quite a bit and I haven't yet met a cat that didn't love to play with string. At least they weren't terrinly expensive.
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