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Pregnant Cat

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I adopted a cat April 29th. I was told by the SPCA she was pregnant and again by the vet when I had her checked out make sure she was healthy (and she is).
Since one of the volunteers lost the card for the cat we don't know the exact date she was brought in but I know it was a little over 2 months ago (I volunteer there too) I'm guessing she should be due soon. Is their anyway to tell when she would be due? yesterday she was lifeless and breathing heavy, their was I think was milk on her nipples, and she was twitching from head to butt but mostly around the middle of her. Today she's more active though but still has the heavy breathing.

Here is some pictures.

It is my first time with a cat birth any advice would be great.
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Did the vet give you any idea of dates? Can you feel the kittens move? As a general rule, once you can feel movement the kittens will be born within two weeks. Normal gestation is about 9 weeks. If she was brought in two months ago already pregnant she should be very close to delivering.
for a safe delivery and healthy kittens.
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All the vet told me was that her uterus was enlarged? no due date or anything. I see her belly moving like twitching? but other then that nothing that I know of.
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Since pregnancy is 9 weeks, she should be due in the next week of so. She doesn't look too big, so I'd guess she's having a smaller litter.
Good luck!
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Thanks for the replies. Now it's just a waiting game.
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Yup, just keep waiting...
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