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Tiki needs a new, loving home

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We need to find a new home for our Quaker Parrot, Tiki. He is almost 4 years old and is a great bird. Unfortunately, he is VERY loud if he doesn't get constant attention. This is quite a problem since I've gone back to school and spend most of my time TRYING to study. DBF is working a job where he can't take Tiki with him anymore. We love him dearly, but he isn't getting the attention that he so deserves and though it saddens us, we want the best for him. He's just not happy and as a result, we are not happy either. He prefers to spend most of his time out side of his cage. He typically only goes in for bedtime (he tells you when he's tired). He talks up a storm, is super snuggly and is quite sweet. He's also very smart.

If any of you or someone you know and trust would like more information on Tiki, please PM me. Ideally, we'd like to find him a home among animal lovers. Tiki will live to be 25 years old, so we want those years to be happy for him and his new owner(s). Tiki has never been around children so I'm not sure how he'd do around them. I'm taking final exams now but am working on Tiki's Story for anyone interested. We are willing to pay to send him to the right home.
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Try registering and posting over on this forum:

I would love to have him and would definitely pay for transport as I miss my quaker dearly, but I now live in California where they are illegal and it would not be fair to take animal that I could not get proper vet care for

Good luck rehoming him, I know how hard this must be for you, hopefully you can place him with someone with quaker experience, or at the very least parrot experience.
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I am so sorry about you having to rehome Tiki.My mom has a quaker parrot named Sweet P.and she just loves him.I know how you feel I had to rehome my cockatiel Emmy Lou a few years ago and it's hard.Thankfully I found her a great home on one my pet forums and still talk to the nice lady who has her.

I hope you can find him a great home.Wish I could take him but I can't.
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I called my brother last night to ask what he and his wife did when they needed to find the right home for one of their birds, Diego. He told me to go to Craig's list. I'd never been there, but I found an ad for a couple that lives approx. 40 minutes from us. She volunteers at an animal shelter and adoped a Quaker named Shorty. Shorty passed away a short while ago from old age. They miss her terribly and were looking for another Quaker.

She and her husband are such nice people. We are meeting them next Sunday and introducing Tiki to them. If all goes well, they will take him home with him. I can tell you that they are both thrilled with the prospect of being Tiki's forever home. She promised that she would send pictures of him periodically so that we can see how he's adjusting to his new home. With a Quaker parrot, you really need to find someone who is familiar with them so that you know, they know what they are getting into.
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That's great My prayers and hopes are with Tiki and you for finding him the right home.I know what you mean about finding the right person who knows about quakers.They are not the parrot for everyone.They are great birds and make great pets with the right person.
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Haha, they sure are loud. My brother's Quaker drives my dad crazy. He'd be thrilled if my brother got rid of him, but of course he won't. Yes, make sure you screen the potential adopters carefully so he doesn't end up being set loose or in a shelter someday.
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We just got back from taking Tiki to meet his new Mommy and Daddy. They could not be a better fit for him. He will be loved and have attention showered on him for the rest of his days. He went to them with no hesitation and is currently spending mothers day at her aunt's house with them.

She will be sending me pictures of him periodically to show that he is doing well. It broke my heart to let him go, but I know that I did the right thing for him and that is all that matters.
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