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Well this morning Jordan went to see the eye specialist. He was a pretty good boy over all. Just some growling no attempts to hurt anyone. At first the vet was not sure what to make of the cataracts. Then after dialating his pupils the vet said that he has the kind of catacracts that come with Hypocalcimia, well Jordan has had Hypercalcimia. So he was going to do a little more research and call if he came up with anything else. I was supprised to see how bad his cataracts were after the vet dialated his pupils. He actually has cataracts on the front of his lense & those are the ones that I noticed when I looked at him. Then he also has lots of small spots on the backs of his lenses and those are the ones that the vet said come with hypocalcimia. For now we are on a wait and see basis. The vet feels he does not need any medical intervention at this point, but did want him back in 3 months to see what is happening. So I didn't get much clarity, but at least I know where he is at and I know that someone has seen him.

(p.s. for anyone who is wondering the check up cost $112, although the vet spent at least a 1/2 hour with him)