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Welcoming Committee

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Most every night when I come home from work, my orange boy Moose, is looking out my 2nd floor bedroom window. I'd like to think he's waiting for me to come home. I get out of the car and wave at him, but if he's seen me, there's no obvious recognition. Regardless, I get a kick out of it.
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Moose does recognize you Unlike dogs, cats are more reserved. I think it's cool
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No wagging tails or racing to the door. Moose knows, like all cats, it is totally uncool to get excited when we come home Just too uncatlike but they really are happy!
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Cammy is usually in the window too, but as soon as she sees us she starts MEOWING and she RUNS to the door and it sounds like she's telling us off for leaving. You pretty much have to pet her. That's my welcoming committee!
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Maggie only sits in the window, plastered against it mewing, when I leave the house. I always feel so guilty. But when I come home, and how she knows it me I don't know, she's there just sitting quietly at the door. Anyone else, she'd run off hiding when she hears the door. But she doesn't want to be pet on or fed, she just follows me around the house. I guess she's just letting me know it's about time I got home.
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