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Bringing a second cat into the home.

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I've been thinking about getting a second cat as another companion for myself and my year and a half old short hair Malachi. I've been doing some research on how to safely and properly bring a second cat into the home so it gets along with the first cat. However, the best method I found, which is to keep both cats in separate rooms and get them used to each other's scent with blankets and the like, wouldn't work with my very small house. The only room I would feel safe leaving either cat in overnight would be my bedroom where Malachi sleeps every night. The only other room that may be suitable would be the bathroom, but with the door opening and closing frequently, I would be afraid of the cat getting out and finding a corner to hide in where I can't get to him. Malachi would probably stay put but he definitely wouldn't like sleeping in there without me near him.

Because I do not have two rooms that would be suitable to leave a cat in while I'm asleep and can't watch over them, what would be a good way to introduce a second cat to the home while ensuring they get along well?
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Hi and welcome to TCS..... May I ask why you want to get a second kitty?
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Mostly I just want another cat. I love animals and I love the idea of having another cat. Malachi seems a bit restless too. When a cat meows on TV or something he starts looking around and whining. A lot of the research I've read too says that cats usually do better with a companion instead of on their own. Malachi grew up in an adoption and rescue center with many other cats around him.

I suppose I'm just being a worry-wort. The only real trouble a new cat could get into in another room is just finding a corner to hide in where I can't see. The idea of him hiding somewhere and me not knowing where he is would make me a bit anxious but he couldn't hurt himself or get into any real trouble. I also want the transition to be a smooth as possible so the new cat and Malachi don't get into any fights.

I'm still not 100% sure if I'll get another cat but I want to be as prepared as possible if I do.
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I have never isolated another cat from mine when 'introducing' them. Likely it's gone well. Fiona was my first. She would meow alot and was used to other cats around. In knew she wanted a cat companion as much as I did. I got a kitten. He was smaller than her and she mothered him.

You could get a kitten and that may make it easier for the resident cat to take. They don't feel as territorial when it's a baby as opposed to an adult cat. Just don't fore them to interact with each other and let them sniff and hiss if they want. It's their way of getting to know each other.

Or...with Rocko I knew he would be fine because at the shelter he hung out in the cat colony room where all the cats roam freely with each other and the staff said he was so laid back and got along with everyone. He is more people oriented (a snuggle bunny).

He came into my house and made himself right at home and couldn't be bothered by the other two cats. Fiona was trying to get him to fight her (she is the alpha) but he wouldn't. So he passed her test and she reign supreme and everyone is fine with that. He occasionally puts her in her place though if she is being a real beast with him.

I have all three in a studio apartment. They share a litter box and everything. I know I am the exception but it can be done. Good Luck!
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Thank you for the advice everyone. The new cat, Leo, is currently lounging about my front room while Malachi hisses and complains. Leo's very calm though, he came out of his box and immediately made himself at home; Malachi hid under my bed for two days before he came out to look around. Hopefully it won't take too long for them to get acquainted so I can let them socialize without my constant supervision (like I said, I'm a worry-wort).
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Unfortunately it's not going as well as I had hoped. Malachi and Leo both seem to want to meet each other and make friends but when they meet face to face, Malachi becomes quite aggressive and hisses and complains loudly. Malachi will even take swipes at Leo, and the last time they met when Malachi snuck into Leo's room behind me, he knocked Leo over and grabbed onto his neck with his mouth. Leo is very friendly and wants to play with Malachi but Malachi's defensive behavior seems to be making Leo afraid of him. Leo, while younger than Malachi, is also quite a bit bigger than him. I'm trying to get them used to each other's scents by switching their blankets and last night I had them sleep in each other's rooms.

Should I not let them meet again for a few days? Should I make them meet more often? They haven't actually fought each other but Malachi's aggression worries me. I don't want this to become habit.
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Hissing and swatting is okay in my opinion. Fiona STILL swats at Rocko. She is the queen! They also grab at each others necks. It's a sign of dominance. They have to work out who is the more dominant one. It's okay. You have to learn to see the world through their eyes to understand and not be afraid of their behavoir.

To make yourself less tense and also give the cats some good experiance with each other have group play time. Take out an interactive toy like one on a string and play with both of them together. Than give them treats together. So they have nice experiances together as well as the times when they are working out their heirachy.

Part of the fun of having multiple cats is watching them wrestle and get frisky together. Its something they don't do with us but is natural for them.
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