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New Kittys!!!

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Hi everyone,

I was browsing the internet looking for tips on caring for my new kittys and I stumbled across this fantastic website! Thought it might be fun to join in all the feline fun!
We adopted two gorgeous 5 month old cats from our local SPCA in Auckland at the weekend and they have settled in really well...An amber coloured number we have called 'Biscuit' as she is the proverbial 'ginger nut' and 'Moomin' a black and white space cadet with a language all her own....am loving them!!! It's amazing how it can sound like we have a herd of buffalo in the lounge with the pounding of all the little paws on the wooden floors at 'elevenses' time! Woke up this morning with them curled up together on the end of the bed....nothing better! We lost our cat last year after a n amazing 19 years! He was a manx...and gorgeous with it...we miss him dearly....
Well I look forward to saying "hi" to a few fellow cat lovers!

Bye for now


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Welcome to the board, Sam! I'm sorry for your loss of your last baby. I'm sure the two new additions are keeping you very busy! Hope you enjoy your time here!
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Welcome to the site! It is amazing how 8 little feet can sound like thousands of huge ones, isn't it?
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Hi Sam - welcome, good to have you here!!!

Your furry twosome sound like such fun, and know what you mean too, I have 3 cats one of which is a great heavy brute (but sweet too), and if he is chasing through the house; boy do you know it!!!!

Hope to hear more about Biscuit and Moomin (great names btw), soon.
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Hi Sam, and welcome welcome welcome!!! Your cats sound lovely... I hope you catch up regarding posting pictures soon (hint hint...)!

Welcome and enjoy the Cat Site!!

its funny, we have another cute girk called Sam from New Zealand!
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Welcome to the site! Your kittens sound just wonderful, and good for you for adopting shelter cats!

Enjoy your time here, we do have LOTS of fun!!
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Awwww thanks people, you made a girl feel really welcome!

I have already had to call on advice due to the powerplay that has erupted back at Moomin and Biscuits'pad....will keep you posted!
Hopefully someone will be able to help!!

Thanks again for the welcome

Talk to you soon

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