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I have been so absorbed in what's been going on with me here lately, (been to the dentist twice in the past three days for root canals) that I didn't notice that Bast hasn't been eating. I knew she was acting a bit off yesterday, but didn't notice that she was dangerously thin.

I was picking her up this evening, and she's lost a ton of weight, is extremely thin...her ears are cold, paw pads are cold. I'm totally freaked out. I put out some wet food to coax her to eat, and she nibbled at it. She has been drinking water on and off that I've seen. I think I'm going to go warm up the wet food or go to Walmart right now and try to find some wet food to tempt her with. I know it can cause cats a lot of damage to not eat, even for a day or two...

I am going to take her to the vet first thing tomorrow...I'm just so scared and afraid she's going to die. I'm sure I'm over-reacting, but I also feel totally irresponsible for not noticing this earlier!

She's been perfectly healthy up to this point, I don't have poisonous substances around the room where she stays in, there has been no vomit, I haven't noticed loose stools from her, I haven't seen signs of blood in stool or anything... I looked at her teeth and none of the gums look inflamed or teeth infected.

She must have started this since the Tripod came to the house. Perhaps she's depressed/traumatized?

I'm so freaked out right now...

Just thought also that I should go get a heating pad and make up a bed for her with that lining it on low. I don't think she can provide much body heat for herself at this point, considering how cold she felt....
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She could have anemia from not eating.
Let me know what the vet says.
I hope she will be ok.
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Good news, I was able to force feed almost half a can of wet food, (after I put out some tuna and warm wet for her to sniff at...She drank some tuna juice, but wouldn't eat). No upset stomach, vomiting or ill effects as of now. I also gave her a few syringes of water. I will be repeating this in 4-5 hours and until I can get into the vet's.
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Good that you can keep her going tonight - and then the vet can help sort her out tomorrow. Is she dehydrated do you think? I can completely sympathize with feeling worried as I am having an awful night - my kitty with oral cancer is having a pretty bad evening after doing quite well earlier today at his vet visit. It is such a worry when they are ill.
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I hope you can bring her into the vets office first hing tomorrow. Is she peeing and pooping regularly? Force feeding her may not be the best thing to do. I hope you are able to bring her to the vets first thing today.
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