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So when do I allow the kittens freedom from the nest to roam around? They are definitely on the move, they'll be 2 weeks on Monday.

I built this great addition to their cage but haven't attached it yet as neither they nor mom needs it yet--plus I access the nest each day to weigh them right now--and I'm treating the cream ones eyes for eye infection.

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Mine were in a very large cage for about a month - till they were capable of climbing out of the door of the cage. Then they could run around in the room (with door closed).

I only let them explore a little at a time under supervision as they grew up. By the time they were 3 months old, they could be let out in the entire house (but still put in one room if we were not home).

I kept my kittens for 4 months before they left, so they learned house rules.
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I mean the cage the nest is in is only like 36 inches long, so the addition I made is 5 feet long. By next week can I take them out of the nest and let them cruise the addition?

The nest box is currently enclosed but by next week its probably going to be too warm inside the box for everyone so I was going to switch to an open box, should I just allow them to start exploring as they are able to climb out of the new nest? I don't want them to not be able to find their way back--I'm assuming Ginger would go to them if they cried cuz they were lost right?

Sorry I'm so paranoid.

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I would put them in the open box and when they can climb out of it, they are ready to explore larger areas.
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Awesome sounds like my plan for early next week! Now if we can just get little cream one's eye cleared up we'll be 100%.

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My kittens are in my grandsons playpen (guess his mommy will be buying a new one now) and that has worked great I keep a heating pad on one side with the cord threaded through the bottom so they can't chew on it and get electricuted. I say it HAS worked great this afternoon I caught one climbing the netting to the top. I don't know what I'm going to do now.

I let them out for playtime after each feeding in groups of two when I'm alone so I can keep track of them and I let all 6 out when I have help. I just let them walk around on the living room floor and redirect them them they start to head under the couch.

They are a handfull
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I kept mine in a laundry basket. They were able to climb out when they were about 3-1/2 weeks old. Of course, they couldn't get back in at that point. I had to move them to a low-sided box so they wouldn't end up sleeping on the cold tile floor. My house is pretty much an open plan so the kitties have had the run of the place ever since. I did shut them in the bedroom whenever I went to work for a week or so, but Goldy got a little crazy when she couldn't get away from the babies for hours on end.
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