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Meet Jabba!

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Someone surrendered this kitty last week. His name is Jabba ( how fitting!) and he's a whopping 26.8lbs!!

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Wow!!! That's a whole lotta kitty to love!!!
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OMG!! I would to cuddle up with that guy!!! what a cutie pie
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Oh my goodness!, that's one big handsome boy!!

Does he have to lose some weight?
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Jabba is a gorgeous boy. I hope he finds a loving home that will treat him like the king he is.
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Just more kitty to love on! He's so handsome!
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That kitty needs a house with a big lap!
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Aww God bless him!!! What a little teddy bear he is! He looks soo sweet and snuggly!

Does he seem to keep himself clean well and move around ok with the excess weight? Have they run blood pannels and testing on him to rule out diabetes, thyroid issues, test his heart / kidney function and other issues? (sorry, inner vet -tech in me comming out!)

If he needs to loose weight healthily over time- my strategy is always a good high quality soft food for my overweight foster kitties....they typically have less carbs than most drys and if you get a good quality one can be filling so the cat doesn't think it's starving. I've found different quality ones are better than others (I tend to stay away from seafood ones as well as i've found those cause more uti/etc issues). When I first took in my old kitty Jasmine as a rescue (she lives with my mom now) - she was morbidly obease, on the verge of took me ages, but I finally got her down to a healthy weight and now she's around 12-14 lbs (which for her is good.) The soft diet worked wonders for her then! Now that she's stable, she eats Nutro Max Cat dry(Weight Control- Roasted Chicken.) Since she's been on that she hasn't gained any of her weight back and has a ton of energy / I'm not sure if your shelter/rescue is able to get special food for certain kitties, but if you are, that seems to be a good dry.

If by chance you needed someone to talk to about nutrition though (i'm not sure what all you know/don't know, but i'm sure he's in good hands with you! ) one of our fellow TCS members, Jen (sharky) - she's amazing when it comes to that! If you guys need help with his diet i'm sure she'd be glad to offer suggestions!

You guys are such angels for taking him in and caring for him! He looks like a sweetheart! I hope he finds a wonderful home soon!!
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