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Poisonous plants

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My evening paper ran an article, listing plants that are poisonous to pets.


chinaberry, eucalyptus, holly, oleander, poison ivy/sumac, privet, Texas mountain laurel, tree tobacco


aloe, azalea, bird of paradise, candelabra cactus, Carolina jessamine, castor bean, cotoneaster, lantana, jimson weed, Mexican bird of paradise, mistletoe, potato, rhododendron, silver leaf nightshade, wisteria

House plants

amaryllis, cyclamen, dumcane, philodendron, pothos


daffodil, foxglove, Indian tobacco, iris, larkspur, lupine, morning glory, poppy, periwinkle, primula

I have some of these plants but they are in my front yard and the dogs can't get there. The only plant, in the house, is catnip.
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Thanks for the input..I don't have any houseplants at all so nothing to worry about here....
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Thanks for that info, although I don't have any plants (I am a plant killer), it is good to know!
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Another plant that is apparently extremely toxic is Japanese Yew. Its very commonly used here for hedges, and trimmed to a square shape. On the internet sites I have seen, it says that the presenting symptom of ingesting yew is death. Pretty drastic. It apparently causes cardiac arrest in animals.

Another garden perennial that causes upset stomach is day lily.

I am also very suspicious of Dianthus, Sam would snack on that, and vomit quite violently. After a couple of times, he ignores it.
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Plants and I do not get along. Our real estate lady gave us a pothos, as a housewarming gift. We kept it hanging out of reach and Bill took care of it. It finally died, last month.
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There are a lot of links here about this and other poisons

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