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PETA got one thing right

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As much as I dislike PETA and think they are totally nutz, at least they do have an occasional good thing to complain about and are right in what they think!

I agree with them on this one.
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wow a pig? seriously that is the last thing she should get! if she cant support her family on her own, then she definately could not provide for a pet!
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An unemployed mother of 14. Doesn't this woman have enough going on without raising an animal who will need a lot of attention? Not to mention paying for an animal (which she states), vet bills and everyday cost of care. I don't get it.
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Ugh! I can't stand this woman. I wish she would simply go away. Everything about her is for media attention. Seriously, she wants a pet pig? It's bad enough that as a California resident, my money is helping support her 14 children. I can barely afford my cats. Why would I want my hard-earned money to help pay for her pets? She's a selfish waste of space.
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Look at the bright side, she'll have enough public scrutiny on her that hopefully someone notices if she starts seriously neglecting any pet.
What about all the people that are on welfare and unemployment and think it's suddenly a great time to get a pet? Then move off because they can't pay rent where they were living and just abandon their pets - with luck neighbors take them in.

Sorry, O/T but this is unfortunately how I end up with (more) cats. It's happened again and there is no shelter here.
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Yeah, that's just 1-2 more animals PETA could kill among the thousands they already have killed...
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Ugh, people just don't understand about pet pigs. They think they stay "small"---most people think that means about 30 pounds, and don't realize that "small" for a pig is 100-150 pounds (since meat breeds can get to be 1000 pounds). A Shih-Tzu would be better than a pig, but anyone with 8 infants to care for plus 6 other kids really shouldn't be getting any pet. Maybe when the babies are like 3 or 4 years old she might have time to breathe, much less train a puppy.
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Ugh. Disgusting, vile, foul. She has eight nannies? Why does she get free stuff for being a lazy slob?
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Originally Posted by Going Nova View Post
Ugh. Disgusting, vile, foul. She has eight nannies? Why does she get free stuff for being a lazy slob?
I hate hearing about her. Those poor children.
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While I agree that this woman does not need ANY pet, PETA did not do this for the animal. As always, they did this for themselves. Since this Octo mom is getting so much attention, PETA figures they will step in an open their big mouth and get some of the attention as well (and more money through donations). No one needs PETA to tell us this woman does not need a pet, it is more than obvious.
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I am not a big PETA fan but they do have there moments.
I can't believe this women who doesn't have a job,has 14 kids and 8 nannies wants to get a pet.These women is a piece of work.I am totally disgusted with this women.
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