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How does your cat respond if you whistle? I have 5 cats, 2 are my rescue brother and sister that will be a year old in May. I found that the 2 little ones dont like it if anyone whistles, my mom has their 2 brothers and they dont like it either, they run like theres a monster coming out of you when they hear it...lol. I did find how it helps me though, the boy insists on jumping on the kitchen counter so when i see him up there i whistle and he's jumping up there less and less. so are my kitties the only ones afraid of whistling?
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Mine ignore my whistles. But maybe it's because I am not very good at it.
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If I'm whistling a song Maggie will run in from anywhere and sit in front of me and cry. If I keep it up, she'll try to get near my face and cry louder. Either she thinks I'm crying, it bothers her ears or she's a whistling critic, I don't know.
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