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Asserting Dominance

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I realize that cats and dogs have very obvious differences. Unlike a dog cats will not look to you as their lord and master, and so on. I also know that cats aren't pack creatures, so I realize the dominance thing may not be as applicable.

However, I feel like our cat doesn't view us at all as dominant creatures. I'm not trying to get him to sit down and shut up, but he likes to bite. We yelp when he bites us, as if we're in pain, and he's beginning to stop, but he still lunges at us like he's trying to bite us - even if he doesn't go through with it.

I feel like by pulling back when he nips we're letting him assert dominance over us. And that if he feels he's dominant the poor behavior will continue.

What can we do? Are we doing anything wrong? And is ther a way to put us in the dominant role?
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How old is he? I have noticed that between my fosters and my forevers the younger kittens and cats are more likely to bite. If he's young he may grow out of it. When any of my cats nip my hands or arms I give them a flick in the ear and a stern no. I will also stop playing with them, and if they are in my lap or if I'm holding them I will put them down.

is he declawed? declawed cats, having had their primary defenses removed are prone to biting.
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My cat used to do this, until I grabbed her by the face mid-bite. I put the space between my thumb and index finger in her mouth and grabbed her head until she meowed then let her go. No more problems and she loves me no less. Might sound mean, but you aren't hurting them, they just can't move their jaws.
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I am not sure if biting is all about dominance. My Go bites because he does not want to be touched or he is tired of being cuddled. He used to lunge at me (w/c I think was rough play/hunt practice) but he stopped when I did not pull back, hissed, stared at him and blew on his face - a cat's way of saying "don't like what you are doing to me".
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