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cats and computers

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I know sitting in front of a computer for a very long time for us humans isn't good for our eyes....well, Fluffy loves to sit directly in front of the moniter and watch me type....this can't be good for her eyes I believe...she laid down but she is still sitting right in front of my moniter......what are your thoughts on this?
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Most eye strain that humans suffer from computer monitors, comes as a result of continuous reading for hours on end, not something coming from the screen itself. Since the cat is probably just casually following the arrow or the cursor on the screen, I doubt any harm would come.
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Also harm to human eye sight comes from light levels, screen size, and monitor level. If you have an appropriate sized screen resolution set up (so you don't have to squint when you read), monitor set so you don't have to raise or lower your head significantly to view, and appropriate light so you can see well then the chances of harm is decreased significantly. As for cats, they are more fascinated by the movement and aren't straining their eyes to absorb all the information on the screen. Mishon's right, no harm should come.
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I would be careful about letting cats around computers for another reason. JC spit up on my notebook two weeks ago (saliva and grass), and later the same day my keyboard stopped working. The keyboard was defective, so it was replaced under the guarantee, but I was really sweating it out for a few days there. Several people told me that it probably wasn't enough to damage the computer, but you never know!
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I wouldn't let a cat near a notebook. Notebooks are usually a lot more fragile then desktops. If a cat spit up on my keyboard, it would damage the keyboard and I could get another for fifteen bucks or less. My computer they can spit up on and all they will do is make a mess on the case. As long as it doesn't harm the motherboard, the fan is still operating, and they don't step on an open CD drive then the computer can withstand a beating. I accidently dropped a desktop PC down a flight of stairs. Luckily it was wrapped up in my comforter. It went bump and thump, but it ran well for the rest of its digital life.
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I bet it probably is not bothering your kitty's eyes. Be glad that he doesn't want to type your posts for you!!! hahahaha
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