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My kitty won't go outside

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Hi, I just brought home a new kitty, he was really nervous at first and hissed at me once in a while, but I put him to sleep with me and he is much more trustful, just a sweetheart. The problem is that before I went to pick him up, a friend of mine was the one that had him, and she has an adult cat that absolutely terrorized him, and he won't leave my room. Also, he has never seen a dog in his life and when I try to take him out and he sees my dogs( I have 3), he just climbs up me in absolute fear, and the scratches really hurt. What can I do to help my nervous kitty get over his fear? I just want to make him happy.
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It might be a blessing in disguise that he doesn't want to go out. There are so many elements against him, what with coyotes, fleas, ticks, other things. It only takes on flea to totally infest your house. My cats are all indoors and they could care less about going outside. They'd rather look at the outside from the windows of my apartment.

Give him some time. He'll come around.
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Time is your first answer. If the cat is older, it usually takes more time to adjust. If a cat has never been around a dog, they are usually pretty scared. Heck I brought home a dog when one particualr cat was 3..He still chases and hisses at the dog. Its been over a year since we brought the dog home and the cat still hates him. In my situation I only have the one dog. So when I brought him home I put him in the kennel at night and the cats could go sniff him out without fear. Maybe if you got a screen door for your room and they could see each other without threat.
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