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Strange Sleeping Habbits

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Tom has a few strange but cute sleeping habbits. One of his favorate places to sleep when its cold is on top of the blankets and right up against my body between my legs. Makes rolling over interesting, its always a challenge to do so with out flipping/kicking him.

He also LOVES to sleep ontop of the microwave. Its ontop of my refrigerator so I think he likes the vantage point and how he can see the entire apartment from up there. Another one is he likes to curl up in the bath tub though he hasn't done it in about a week.

Lastly when I take a nap on the couch he likes to curl up behind my legs and sleep like that. I'll often wake up to a curled up cat and have to turn into an acrobat not to sit on him when I get off the couch.

So what strange/cute places do your cats sleep in?
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Inside shoe boxes, grocery bags, cardboard crates, on the rail of the stairway (and on the steps too), up on a tree branch, the neighbor's roof (maybe even my roof), on a ceiling beam...
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During the day Maggie's favorite is on my excersize trampoline. If she's not using it and I try to, she'll slap at me to get off her bed. At night she's always on my that fresh fur scent!
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Simon's pretty boring. He sleeps by the window (which means on my bed), on my feet, and behind the couch where he can be out in the main room (I lock him in my room at night until my mom's boyfriend leaves (don't trust opening the door near him) and whenever we're not home (don't trust our dogs) so I think he likes behind out there but away from everything at the same time behind the couch.

He also likes to curl up in a little cube bookshelf, on the bottom shelf with nothing on it.
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Oliver likes to sleep right on top of me - oh, not all the time, but when he does he usually isn't facing me, if ya know what I mean. Wierd though, I can fall right to sleep with him purring on me.
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Let's see...

Luke loves the bathtub, and also I've got one of those three drawer plastic storage containers in my closet that's right under where the clothes hang, so he'll get on that, hidden underneath the clothes.

Harvey sleeps right smack dab in front of the front door, stretched out against it, so you always have to open the door very slowly when you come in.

Danny likes to sleep on top of the DVD player or on top of the bookshelf in the bedoom.
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Oliver, Milo and Shadow all sleep on the bed with Dave and I. Sometimes we are joined by other fosters also. When I sit "Indian style" Oliver and Milo curl up between my legs, which makes typing interesting on my laptop. We live in a basement apartment and have these tiny windows, which Shadow likes to jump up to and sleep on the sill of.
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Girlie likes to hang out in the bathroom. Her favorite spots to sleep or just hang out seem to be the sink, tub, and between the toilette and wall.

The past few nights I've woken up in the morning to find that she had wiggled her way under the bed sheets and curled up into a ball beside me. Dunno how she figured that would be a comfy spot to snooze

Oscar and Obie are happy sleeping on the bed during the day and the couch at night.

All three cats also like to sleep on my girlfriend's pillow. They used to take turns sleeping there but now Girlie seems to be the only one who still goes to that spot from time to time.
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