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Daily Thread Thurs April 30th

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Morning peeps!

Geesh, this swine flu is at a level 5 already...almost a global pandemic This is freakin me out.

I am off to work in a bit. Not mush exciting going on today..just dropping my keys off at my moms so she can watch Trout while I'm away next week.

Josh bought me a new bike yesterday so I might try and take it for a spin tonight when I get home..may not have time with all the packing though.

Alrighty well, have a good one folks!
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Overcast this morning with a chance for rain later this morning.

Been looking on the internet for some info for a new client and now I better get ready for work!!

Did too much work in my yard and clients yesterday-stiff neck and lower back.

Have a good one!!
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Good morning

72ºF and sunny this morning, with a high of 83ºF forecasted. Got to work at 6:12am, so I can leave just after 2pm today technically, but I also have to second review raw data from the instrument to cover for someone, which means I'll probably be here closer to 4pm! Tonight is my last night in Spin 101 in my pole fitness class - next week I'm moving up to Spin 201! Yay!
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Morning All!!!

Cloudy and looks like we are in for some rain here.

Not up to much today, have a couple of errands to run this morning, but just planning on having a quiet afternoon. My shoulders are acting up quite badly from the damp weather so some R&R is in order.

The kitties are good this morning, actually let me sleep in for an extra hour.

Everyone have a great day.
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Good morning. DS has been fussing since 1am My tailbone tells me rain is on the way. Thankfully I got most of the housework done yesterday cause I don't think I will get anything done today.

Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Morning peeps!

Geesh, this swine flu is at a level 5 already...almost a global pandemic This is freakin me out.
Yes very scary!!
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Good Morning everyone!! My allergies are acting up and I have sneezed at least 4 times while typing this sentence lol. I have school to go to in a bit, my animal science class is meeting at the schools dairy unit, maybe i will get some free milklol Then it is off to the barn, and i have to try and get in contact with some people to write my article for my journalism class..... All the kitties are somewhere hiding, i cant find any of them!! Hope everyone has a great day!
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I came in pretty late (again) this morning. I took an extra 20 minutes or so getting ready this morning because Thufir has been acting slightly under the weather the last couple of days and I wanted to make sure he didn't need to go to the vet. He didn't seem to be feeling bad though, so I came on in to work. I also took a different route to work because of the construction they've started on my normal route. I saw a pet store on the way and decided to stop in and see what they had. I was NOT impressed though. They only had 2 varieties of canned cat food on display and they were Science Diet and Nutro. Not exactly a great selection.

I guess I'll be working pretty late since I got in around 10. I'll go to the gym for a quick workout on the elliptical machine, then home.
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Overcast here today and with the downpour last night everything smells just icky. Usually it smells clean but today it smells like wet dog.
I'm off today and since I got home yesterday, I've felt drained. I have a huge headache and slept from 5 pm yesterday until 9 am today. Unfortunately that did nothing but make me feel more icky...
Fortunately it's my day off and I can feel icky and do nothing to my hearts content..
Have a great day everyone!
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Morning. Back to work today... Yesterday was a company outing at Disneyland! (only 3 of us in the company) It was lots of fun but a bit more crowded than we expected. Still, we got on all the cool rides, and i was back at home by 6:30. My BF cooked dinner last night which was really nice too.

Today, not much happening, it appears my boss is still in bed, I hope he's not sick! Maybe Disney really wiped him out yesterday. Then tomorrow night my mom flies into town for a few days! It'll be great to see her, she's been out of work since end of Jan and needs a change of pace. Plus she'll get to finally meet her 'grandaughter' (Genever)! I'm so glad I have an understanding mother who is cool with the fact that her only grandchildren will be kitties. (i'm an only child)
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Originally Posted by DarkMavis View Post
Plus she'll get to finally meet her 'grandaughter' (Genever)! I'm so glad I have an understanding mother who is cool with the fact that her only grandchildren will be kitties. (i'm an only child)
My mother always jokes about having 'grandcats' too. I think it used to really bum her out, but now I think she's decided that dealing with grand kids at her age would be way too much work. She has seen what her sister goes through with her 4 grand kids and decided that taking care of my dad and their dog is plenty.
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Cool and raining here...well, not even raining, more like "spitting" But the damp cold goes right through your clothing

I went to the doctor today. My right elbow has been giving me problems. It makes loud popping sounds occasionally, and sometimes when it does that it causes my hand to go completely tingly and if I bend my arm, the hand goes numb and is completely void of feeling and feels like a block of wood. Then it pops again some days later and it's fine again. He told me to see my chiropractor. My chiropractor told me to see my massage therapist. My massage therapist told me to see my chiropractor or my family doctor. Go figure. Guess I'll just doctor myself with pain meds and an elbow brace, ice packs and no straining and see how that works.

Have to work this evening. Cleaning girl is coming today instead of tomorrow, which is PITA for me. I hate having to get ready for work when someone is here. Plus there are certain things that she won't do so I'm trying to do a few things before going to work.

Off to have lunch right now though. I had a Slim Fast shake today and 3 hours later I'm starving!
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