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Split Claw

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Before I went to bed last night, I got the idea that I should inspect Darcy's claws. Normally, I really only look at them when I trim them and put softclaws on.

Anyhow, one of the claws that was missing a nailcap was split and very sore looking. I touched it and it started bleeding like crazy so I did the only things I could think of. I cleaned it up with Hydrogen Peroxide (I figured I would need stitches if I tried Alcohol) and then I took superglue and glued it together.

Was I wrong? What should I look for as far as infection? Do these things usually heal well?

The odd thing was that Darcy wasn't even limping.
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Wow... I think I would have done the same thing. Did gluing it stop the bleeding? I'd keep an eye out for puss, swelling or redness. Hopefully it will grow out like a normal nail and slough off.
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Yeah, the glue did stop the bleeding - good thing too, because that was my only idea.

I keep checking her claw, but it seems fine so far.
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I know you've already stopped the bleeding, but just for future refernce, I believe that cornstarch can be used to help stop bleeding. I know the vet uses stiptic (sp?) powder to help the blood clot when a claw gets clipped too short or is split, but most of us don't have that on hand. I'd definitely keep watching for infection (ie, puss or swelling) since we all know cats are pro's at masking their pain!
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