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Anyone looking to adopt a kitty in Oregon?

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I cried for an hour after I found them ... 4 more kittens left at my barn. The vet says they're 3-4 weeks old and look to be in good health. This makes...BIG SIGH...20. They're all boys, one black, two black/white tuxedos and one grey/white tuxedo. They've obviously been around people since I was able to catch them without much problem, although a couple have spit at me. They all weighed in between 12-14 ounces.

Let me know if you think you might be interested, know anyone who is, or know of any rescue groups that aren't already full. I was so optimistic that Cat Adoption Team was going to help me, but when they found out where I lived they said I was out of their area and I should contact the local group, Salem Friends of Felines. Good luck with that. They were full all last year, are full now, and won't put anyone on a waiting list.
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I know it may not be the best option but maybe find a local group that is willing to help you with spay/neuter cost and just have them be barn cats?

I think I understand this right, they are being dumped at your barn? Maybe contact your local humane society and see if they will launch an investigation. Abandonment is a crime. Maybe they can put cameras on the barn. If you can catch these people and maybe convince them to spay/neuter their own cats?
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Neutering 4 cats is the least of my problems, Breellablue. If you do the math, it comes out that I now have 16 cats. This months vet bills were $719.60. Food and litter, $202.69. Since that's more money than I actually took home, you can see the problem.

My barn is only about 15 feet off a road where most people do 50-60 MPH. Even if I leave the four kittens in the barn I still have to feed them and provide veterinary care, vaccinations, etc. I don't believe in just leaving animals to fend for themselves.

I called one neighbor and talked to them about the fact that all my cats are altered and indoors, yet I seem to have all these primarily tame litters of kittens just miraculously showing up in my barn. Her response... Yes, they have cats. No, they don't want anymore. And when I asked if they had their barn cats spayed & neutered, nothing but dead silence. She did volunteer that all their cats were black and white. Gosh...so were the last 7 that showed up in my barn. Imagine that.
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