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Hi I have taken in a stray cat back in November. I haven't owned a cat since I was very young so I'm still learning things as I go.

Here's my million dollar question can cats eat peanuts? My cat loses his mind when I pull out the peanuts, I dropped one and it was hoovered up. I know cats arn't supposed to eat them but can it hurt him if he has one?

Thanks ahead of time for your help!
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That's funny you bring this up, something that I'd consider kind of rare? Because I posted about peanuts just the other day in the What's New, Pussycat? Forum!! http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...d.php?t=196189 Looking elsewhere online and on here, it doesn't seem that peanuts are bad for cats, I guess like other treats it's best in moderation.

But yeah, peanuts!?!? I think Genever would eat a bowl of them like she eats dry food if I'd let her!
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At least Ricky isn't alone on the weird food thing

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Just be careful how many are given. The peanuts themselves are fine but they're often roasted with a lot of salt, or sugar and honey.
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My Molly would love to get a taste of a peanut, too, but I won't let her because of the high salt content. Unless they are unsalted, I would be sure not to let a cat have them very often.
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Well our dog and cats like peanut butter and have eaten a few peanuts and they are both healthy. An occasional one or two will not hurt. Don't give them grapes, raisins, or chocolate or onions.
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