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she's shying away from me.

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i got my cat, chloe, about 2 or 3 days ago. i'm so excited about her, i've been lonely and she keeps me company when i'm home. she's been declawed and spayed, so she's defenseless against other stray cats that roam my neighborhood. she immediately felt comfortable and safe with me. she slept with me, followed me everywhere, always nudging my hand for a pet...
however, today something rather traumatic happened to her- the cat that has called my home his for the past year or so doesn't like chloe, is jealous of her and feels like she's taking over her turf. my dad and i call him blacky. since chloe is declawed and defenseless, i'm skeptical of her being outside with blacky roaming around. today i took her outside, with me, so she could roam and be safe. i brought her inside when i went to take a shower, but when i came out to check on her & see where she was, my dad said chloe and blacky had had an encounter. i ran outside, only to find the two of them under a new room my dad is building outside. i ran blacky away from her, but she refused to come out until about 10 minutes later, when she immediately jumped into my arms and allowed me to bring her inside. i went through her fur, looking for any marks or scrapes... she has a scrape over her eye and a patch of fur missing from her front left paw. she stays in the corner where i can't get to her, and it's really upsetting me.. i'm hoping she'll get through this, because the way she's acting isn't her at all. she used to like to play and see things, i got her new toys today, in hopes of making her feel better.... it hasn't worked.. she just wants to be alone.
is this normal? is there anything i can do to help her??
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These are just my thoughts from what I have experienced. Others will come along and offer suggestions as well.

Leave her alone and do not try to pull her out to you. If she is in a room that the door can be closed then put litter box and food there then close the door. She is afraid right now and does not trust. Let her recover from the incident with Blacky. If she is injured, then do get her to a vet.

Is Blacky neutered? If not, it will be a good idea to get him neutered. 'Most' unaltered males will fight, especially with a newcomer.

Because Chloe is declawed she has probably not spent time outside. Most people keep their declawed cats indoors ONLY and 'most' vets recommend this when they do the procedure.

Give her a few days and just sit in the room with her. Sit on the floor with your body at an angle and do not look straight at her as that is threatening to a cat. Stay with her and talk softly to her.

Read about cat introductions in this thread. http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=22301

Do you know much about her history? Age, personality, spayed, etc.
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I suggest you keep her indoors only. If you'd like to take her outside, harness & leash train her. She's new to living with you - so if she runs away she won't know where "home" is - give her more time to adjust to things & in a month or so then consider taking her out on leash.
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she's fully recovered... she liked staying in the spare bedroom while healing, so i did put her food and litterbox there.. she's walking on her paw now, and she is back to her normal personality.
Blacky is a stray cat, he's been coming to my house for shelter and food for a little over a year now. he's mostly an outdoor cat, does his own thing. he isn't declawed, or neutered, or anything. he's very aggressive, and doesn't like other cats. he's run off a few other strays that used to come here. he feels he's the "alpha male" of my house.
i do keep chloe inside now. my dad has agreed to keep the door to my room completely shut if i'm not home, just for her safety. if she wants to go outdoors, i don't leash her, but i sit out there with her, keeping an eye out for blacky. she likes to hunt after the snakes under my shed, so i let her do that. they aren't poisonous, just garter snakes.
i don't know much about her, she is young, about a year and a half. she was mostly an indoor cat to start with. has always had human interaction. she was pretty well taken care of, as far as i know. and about her personality, well, she loves company. she loves scratches, nudges me for them even(: it's the cutest thing ever. she sleeps on one side of my bed, when i wake up, she's the first thing i see and usually she's staring at me lol. she's absolutely adorable. i have a picture of her, i'll try to find a way to put it up. i'm new to this site!
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