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Luxor can fetch too!

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Did he learn by watching his brother??? Or has he also done this all along? Either way - he is such a cutie!
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Wow, even drops it in your hand! Great job Luxor!
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I must say, Luxor is a very talented boy. And he's very handsome as well!

I'm newer here, but from the other responses it's obvious that your other cat also knows how to play fetch. I wish I could teach Cassie and Laney to be play more interactively, but it's a struggle to just have them play without destroying their toys! And, let me tell you, those metallic, crinkle balls are one of their favorite toys to destroy (second only to any toy with feathers). So, that being the case, did you teach your kitties to play fetch? Or was it something they picked up on their own?

Growing up I had a cat named Bulldozer who would play fetch with crumpled up cigarette packs. While the cigarette packs don't make for the best cat toy (they were not mine), it was awfully cute to watch and made for great entertainment when my little friends would come over to play. He picked up the habit of fetching on his own and I've never had a cat do it since, but it's so cute that I'd love to be able to teach my girls to do it (or at least play rather than destroy ).

But, really, all that's neither here nor there. Let me get back on track here...

Luxor is a darling as is your other kitty. And they look like such good cats, too! I can't wait to see more of Luxor's antics and maybe some of your other cats as well! Oh! And thanks for sharing!
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Those videos are so cute (I watched Stoli fetching too). I can't believe they both fetch! I bet they LOVE skidding over the wooden floors. Stumpy would love to have a floor like that to run all over
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I can't believe you have two cats who will fetch so readily for you! Did you have to train them to do that? Way to go, Luxor!
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Sooo cute!!!
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So cute! He is smart as well as beautiful.
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Hi everyone,

Luxor and Stoli are both cats that like to carry things in their mouths. Fetching was just a natural thing that happened. I would catch them carrying things and call to them. If they came to me I praised them to high heavens and then threw the toy again. Over time, they would just start bringing it back.

Luxor doesn't fetch too often, Stoli: it's a nightly game.
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OMG!!!!! That was great! Maia is a fetcher, but when she feels like it and definitely doesn't drop in in my hand!!!!!
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Luxor is so gorgeous, and what a good fetcher he is too! Those boys look like they have so much fun sliding on that hardwood floor, and it sure is funny to watch them playing!!
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